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Irish Bedding Company To Unveil 7 Sleep Spa Beds In Las Vegas

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Leading Irish bedding designer and manufacturer Kaymed said that it would introduce seven new mattress offerings under its recently created “Sleep Spa” line at the January Furniture Market in Las Vegas. “There has never been a more exciting time to enter the U.S. bedding market. We’ve launched a new and innovative range of sleep solutions that combine our heritage of craftsmanship with leading edge technologies that have been well received by our retailer partners,” said Kaymed Chief Executive Officer Conor Sheahan. “More consumers understand that the right mattress will enhance their lifestyle. I like to put it in terms of saying that the consumer understands that to be really awake, they would have had to be really asleep the night before.” “With this new lineup, we are offering the consumer a choice of sleep surfaces that suit their own style and comfort needs. We are going to market through quality retail partners that can help the consumer make the right mattress selection and help them with all their bedding needs,” he added. The new Sleep Spa line-up includes: three visco mattresses with a new patented air-cooling technology; gel; air; and natural, made of pure Talalay latex. Visco comes in three sizes: 9.5, 11.5 and 14 inches deep. Each mattress offers superior pressure distribution, quick motion recovery, temperature adjustment, and wicks moisture and perspiration away from the body. The mattresses range in price from $1,699 to $2,999 in a Euro-Top design, in queen size. What makes the visco lineup unique is its patented AirLayer technology, which addresses one of the major concerns consumers have with visco beds –uncomfortable body heat retention. The AirLayer is a micro thin membrane bonded atop the visco layer. Independent studies have shown up to a 40-percent improvement in heat and moisture vapor transfer, with the AirLayer. The layer does not compromise the feel of the visco. “With visco and its AirLayer technology, there is not a better mattress on the market that provides that full benefits of comfort and support of visco, with an innovative cooling technology that addresses many consumers biggest trepidation about buying visco –retention of body heat,” said Sheahan. “No one offers a solution like this, let alone at an introductory price point of $1,699.” The gel mattress is an 11.5-inch visco mattress with a 1.5-inch layer of waffled flex gel on the top layer. The gel layer adds a tremendous level of comfort to the mattress, as well as offering the consumer a cool surface feel. The gel mattress retails for $2,599 in queen. The air mattress lets the consumer personalize their sleep experience. The unique feature of the Sleep Spa air mattress is that each partner can control three separate zones on their side of the bed. Air chambers are surrounded with memory foam and the company’s patented AirLayer for cool comfort. The mattress retails for $2,799 in queen. Natural 1 and 2 are the latex offerings. Each offers high-quality Talalay latex –considered to be the world’ finest-- in 11.5 inch and 13.5 inch profiles. Experience nature’s own sleep therapy that incorporates vertical air channels that create a self-ventilating sleep surface. Retail pricing is $1,699 and $1,999 in queen. Founded in Dublin in 1898, Kaymed is one of Europe’s leading mattress manufacturers with a heritage of quality craftsmanship and innovation. The company offers consumers more choice of sleep surfaces under one brand, and reaches the consumer through quality retailers who can help them select the right mattress for their needs. Kaymed also produces most of the components for its mattresses, in its own manufacturing facilities, giving it greater control of quality. In 2007, FL Partners joined with the descendants of the founding Woolfson family to invest in creating a global brand, including the company’s entry into the U.S. market. Today, the company operates manufacturing facilities in High Point, N.C., Ireland and the United Kingdom.