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Normand Couture To Introduce Upholstery Groups In High Point

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Normand Couture award winning designer, announced that he would be unveiling his own collection of 23 contemporary upholstered groups this spring at the High Point Furniture Show. Couture states that Couture International will be shown in their new space in the C&D Building on the eighth floor, showrooms 8H & 8I. Couture says that the sales for the U.S. Couture International will be done by Steve Gordon and his team at S.D.G. & Associates Inc. based out of Palm Beach Gardens; FL. Gordon, says that he feels honored and is thrilled to be representing such a prestigious designer like Normand Couture. Gordon says that he expects business to be very brisk based on the initial reaction from those dealers who have had the opportunity to enjoy a sneak preview at Couture International. Gordon says Couture's line should have been named the "WOW FACTOR." Couture states that this has been a lifelong dream of his to have a collection exclusive onto his own designs, he promises to surprise those who attend each and every market with new looks, designs using multiple media, fabric or leather and combinations of both complementing each other with varying applications. Couture being known for cutting edge but not over the edge styling says this is going to be the “Best Of the Best”. Couture says during the past few months he has buried himself in design and says that this introduction will form the inspiration and foundation for things to come. Couture known for distinctive design promises you can expect new items every time you visit the showroom. André Lafleur, GM for Couture International, says that shortly their web site will be up and running and all sales information will be available to the team of SDG and their customers as if they were in the home office looking at information on the office computer. Lafleur states the plan is to have 4 North American warehouses up and running quickly offering a quick ship program that will ship product within five days of receipt of the order. Special orders will be available in 8 weeks to start with the plan to reduce that to 6 weeks. Lafleur says that the container direct program has already been welcomed by some of the dealers in Canada and will rollout in full for everyone at market. During our interview, Couture spoke about a project he has been working on for years…revolutionizing the toaster. Who knows, with this creative genius, what’s next? Couture International, a must see this market… C&D Building on the eighth floor, showrooms 8H & 8I.