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Epperson Speaks: Presentation To GNHFA

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Audio Clip #1: A look at non furn store channels like Costo.

Audio Clip #2: Discussion of the amount of retail distribution that is tied up with branded stores.

Audio Clip #3: What scares Jerry Epperson about "outsiders" getting into furniture.

Audio Clip #4: Why our domestic factories have declined. Government's role.

Audio Clip #5: Why our industry needs a new marketing concept.

Audio Clip #6: Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn. profits, brick & mortar and the catalog business.

Audio Clip #7: Changing consumer buying patterns. Novel retail ideas. Kiosks. Selling consumers beyond your traditional trading area. In store auctions.

Audio Clip #8: Ideas about colors, decorating, helping younger consumers and home furnishings opportunities.

Audio Clip #9: Ideas on credit and what our industry needs to do. Rent-to-own and other channels.

Audio Clip #10: Musings on brand, consumer delivery and competitive advantage.

Audio Clip #11: Why do we need furniture stores when if Costco can sell it cheaper? Selection and service. Problems with our advertising. Success with in store auctions for dead inventory.

Audio Clip #12: Anecdote about a way to sell more bedroom furniture out of bedding departments.

Audio Clip #13: Worries about our industry. We've been spoiled by the baby boomers. Someone needs to have the next big idea... be the next "Levitz." Impact of new furniture technology that will be here soon.

Audio Clip #14:  Question about use of the internet for selling high end furntiture. Retail store model with in-store kiosks.

Audio Clip #15: How do we get the next generation into our stores? IKEA, Pottery Barn, Costco, Ethnic Groups, Novelty. "IKEA Family" plan, discounts, meals... Advertising expenses.

Audio Clip #16: Product quality - domestic and imported goods - on time delivery. Holding manufacturers responsible. Idea for in-store signage to help salespeople. Discussion of Louis Phillipe.

Audio Clip #17: Discussion of new Chinese import duties and currency valuation

Audio Clip #18: On consumers who travel to High Point to get deals. 800#s.

Above (l-r): Patrick Cory of Joseph Cory Companies, Keith Seigerman,
GNYFA President, Jerry Epperson of Mann Armistead & Epperson
and Barbara Goldstein, GNYHFA Exec. Director.

“It isn’t often that you can get a group of prominent New York retailers, the best reps and a who’s who of industry suppliers to be so transfixed by a presentation,” said Keith Seigerman, of Seigerman’s Furniture and President of the Greater New York Home Furnishings Association. “It was a marvelous evening,” he added.

Wallace W. (Jerry) Epperson, the leading industry economist, spoke on at length on the need for our industry to find new and inovatave ways to market to the “20 something” generational group, internet buying and catalogs. He also discussed the growth and challenges faced by market retailers such as Costco, now big players in the furniture business and outlined ways that some retailers and manufacturers are innovating to meet current market challenges.

About 80 retailers, reps and industry suppliers attended the seminar meeting that was arranged and partially underwritten by GNYHFA board member Patrick Cory of The Joseph Cory Companies. At the end of his main presentation,  Mr. Eperson’s took questions on product quality/ cost relationships, IKEA, high end furniture sales over the internet, the High Point and Las Vegas shows, tariffs on Chinese bedroom furniture and other topics.

A number of audio excerpts from Jerry Epperson’s talk will be posted to Greater New York Home Furnishing’s website at www.gnyhfa.org in the next few days.

About GNYHFA: The Greater New York Home Furnishings is an association of New York area retailers, home furnishings representatives, and industry suppliers. An IHFRA affiliate organization, the GNYHFA hosts an annual world class dinner dance, golf outing, social events and seminars. The association also offers group benefits including health insurance and travel discounts. For more information on the GNYHFA or to join, contact Barbara Goldstein, Executive Director, GNYHFA, 200 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY 10016. Email ghyhfa6@aol.com or call 212-725-00291.