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Danican to Feature Duo Impact Program for High Point Market Designers

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California-based Danican recently announced their custom-designed private label container program. Also the company will be premiering to the US market their TrueStuff line of certified organic sheets and linens.

“Our TrueStuff fabrics are designed and developed exclusively by TrueStuff and manufactured in cooperation with our partners around Europe,” says Thomas Frismodt, Danican’s CEO. “We offer the US marketplace contemporary and attractive organic designs. Many customers who are cautious about their sleep environment still want colors, style and fashion. They get that with TrueStuff along with a quality that is second-to-none. We don’t really see anyone offering that in the US market today,” explains Frismodt.

He further explains, “We work with selected European spinners, weavers, and finishers, all certified by GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard.) We use only the best combed yarns spun from extra long staple certified organic cotton. This is the basis of our ability to deliver elegant pure organic bed linen to our valued customers,” says Frismodt. “We will make this high-end organic linen line available to the US market through our expanding home furnishings designer container program.”

“With both our TrueStuff organic program, which we launched in Europe in 2009 and our overall custom-driven designer program, we are reaching out to unique designers and contemporary furniture stores at High Point,” says Frismodt. “We have been very successful with our contemporary, Scandinavian inventory programs for discerning designers looking for something that is different. We think High Point will open doors for opportunities for customer-focused container programs especially for designers who have larger projects including residential plans, multi-unit or selected institutional, as well as boutique and higher end hotels.”

“We are reaching out specifically to designers at High Point who have larger projects that require the modern, contemporary, clean and distinct features we offer here at Danican,” says Jonathan Weingarten, Danican’s US Sales Manager. ”We are looking for designers who appreciate the look and quality offered by Danican, and who need someone to work with, who will understand the scope and nature of their project, and then offer unique and distinct solutions,” says Weingarten.

“Danican makes private labeling easy and profitable for our customers worldwide” says Frismodt,” Our focus is on our customers’ needs, helping them to stand out by designing, developing, manufacturing, assessing quality and shipping the right product mix at the right prices. We give our customers a real story, a custom-designed blend that meets the needs of customers who are big or small.” Frismodt explains that Danican’s worldwide Private Label Program is flexible and specifically meets the requirements of retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the United States.

Danican, will feature the TrueStuff line and their advanced, custom private-label program at their 220 Elm Street showroom , exhibit # 334, April 14th - April 18th Additionally, they will be showcasing, for the first time, in Boliyas showroom located at 812 Milis, Floor 2.


More about Danican: Danican, which is a contraction of the words “Danish” and “American” , and is a Danish-based producer and designer of innovative bed products since the year 2000. Danican,, which is known for its unique, innovative technologies and contemporary fashion styles, distributes its highly advanced mattresses, pillows and protectors in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2012, Thomas Frismodt started distribution in North America from the Atascadero, California US headquarters. For more information, visit www.danican.com

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