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New Logo for Mega Motion Signals Moves to Strengthen Brand

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Mega Motion will be displaying their new logo and their products at the April High Point Market in Showroom Furniture Plaza 100.

Mega Motion, LLC, a subsidiary of Pride Mobility Products Corporation, recently announced that it has introduced a new logo as part of several strategic moves to strengthen the Mega Motion brand.

According to a company spokesperson, Mega Motion will be realigning their furniture retail products under the Mega Motion brand name. The Ultimate Power Recliner™ will remain the premium brand of Mega Motion recliners with a lift option and exclusive features, that are currently sold to home furnishings retailers.

Besides reclining lift chairs, Mega Motion also provides the Rascal Mobility scooter line to retail dealers, including the Rascal Elite that was introduced at the last High Point Market in October 2017. “We needed a new logo that could help identify among retail dealers that we are a strong and viable company that continues to grow and provide a variety of mobility products, not just lift chairs” said Dwight Hardison, Managing Director of Mega Motion.

According to the company, the new logo design maintains the blue color from the old Mega Motion logo, since the color is most often interpreted as one of authority, trust and dependability. However, the new design features a more stylized “M” symbol in a wave configuration, conveying motion and mobility. The word “MOTION” was also italicized to emphasize “moving forward” and a san-serif font was used to give the logo a cleaner, more cutting-edge technology look in step with the expanding production capabilities of the company.

“No part of the furniture industry is growing as fast as the power recline and lift chair business, and mobility products are the next growth opportunity for retailers,” said Joe Showfety, Sales Manager for Mega Motion.

Hardison expects the Mega-Motion brand family to set new sales records this year. “More and more retailers are discovering that the combination of the quality of the chairs, our innovative dealer program and our quick-ship capabilities make it easy to stock and sell our products at very good margin,” said Hardison.

Mega Motion will be displaying their new logo and their products at the April High Point Market in Showroom Furniture Plaza 100 (located in the pass-through between the La-Z-Boy Showroom and the Plaza Suites).


More about Mega Motion: Mega Motion LLC is a subsidiary of Pride Mobility Products® Corporation and draws on over 25 years of high quality furniture manufacturing experience. Mega Motion makes products for better consumer living, and delivers comprehensive product support services to their customers. The company is headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania, and operates strategic distribution centers across the U.S., with 24- to 48-hour shipping on most orders.


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