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Abbyson’s Digital Programs Driving New Cross-Channel Visibility & Increased Sales

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Abbyson recently announced that it has launched several new programs across social and digital channels, which collectively are driving increased sales and exposure for the company.

Highlights of Abbyson’s digital initiatives include:

  • Integrated product and sale promotions with e-comm retail trading partners.

  • Expansion of Abbyson.com with more mobile friendly features and a new “Where to Buy” button (launching January 2018) on each individual product page making the site more consumer-friendly.

  • Enriched Abbyson’s social platforms, such as launching seasonal Gift Guides connected to lifestyle trends and color palettes as well as delivering a more "shoppable experience" for users through a Like 2 Have It portal.

  • Nurturing interactions and experiences with actual customers and communities including a new influencer initiative, #FallinLovewithAbbyson.

Momentum of Abbyson’s bolstered digital strategies has manifested in its most successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a 40% increase in sales volume over last year, across all channels.

“Defining ourselves as a digital-friendly, millennial-savvy brand has never been more important in reaching new consumers and has been a long-time focus for Abbyson. As a brand, we are emphasizing those values by delivering more digital tools and higher quality content, increased interaction with real Abbyson customers, and aligning with lifestyle leaders—all while supporting our retail partners’ with deeper integration and connectivity online,” said Yavar Rafieha, president of Abbyson. “The results of this bolstered effort have been well received as our growth in social media, online interactions and sales have dramatically increased, most recently with our best-ever Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

In its first social influencer campaign, #FallinLovewithAbbyson, Abbyson partnered with more than a dozen select voices whose platforms vary across lifestyle, aesthetic and geography, with the goal of inspiring their followers — a collective reach of a quarter-million followers — to feather their nest during the fall season and get their homes holiday-ready.

“We’ve worked with a range of lifestyle influencers on this campaign—from interior designers to fashion and mom bloggers—not to mention across a spectrum of aesthetics and styles, be it boho chic, farmhouse or midcentury modern. This diversity speaks to the accessibility of our products and the eclectic style of our line, now reaching a broad cross-section of hundreds of thousands of consumers who can fall in love with Abbyson,” added Rafieha.

More about Abbyson: Abbyson unites stylish designs and statement looks through an integrated model to fulfill savvy costumers that seek value, speed and quality. With our strength and experience in supporting today’s largest e-commerce retailers, we offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure and customer service to enable today’s demanding multi-channel retail models. As a family company, Abbyson believes our relationships and strategic partnerships are of the highest value.

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