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POLaRT Designs Will Unveil New Showroom Design at Fall High Point Market

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Furniture manufacturer POLaRT DESIGNS recently announced that it will unveil its newly redesigned showroom, the Suites at Market Square M-2016, at the upcoming fall High Point Market Oct. 14-18. Due to high retailer demands, the restructured space will focus on the brand’s wide variety of customizable outdoor décor.

Outdoor living spaces remain at the forefront of entertaining and casual gathering spots for consumers, and casual furniture continues to be one of the fastest growing categories in the home furnishings industry.

The showroom is designed with free-flowing vignettes to show retailers suggested merchandising display options. The updated space will highlight the brand’s most popular signature color combinations including fresh mint and pure white and snow white and canvas navy to show visitors versatility within the product lineup, and highlight two of the company’s most popular colors.

“We have been a definite uptick in requests for our luxury outdoor décor. Our dedicated, updated space will give our guests the opportunity to see the full range of our product offerings and the breadth of our color wheel.” said Josue Reynoso, CEO and founder of POLaRT. “Our vision is to allow visitors to experience how our boldly colored pieces can completely transforms a simple outdoor space.”
The showroom features the company’s beautiful Baroque outdoor furniture in artistic, fully-accessorized settings designed to inspire attendees to present POLaRT products with similar elements in their retail spaces.

Each POLaRT outdoor piece begins as a solid steel-welded frame that is placed in a giant mold filled with a polyurethane injection. Then it is finished entirely by hand, including sanding, painting and upholstering. This method ensures every design adheres to the brand’s high-quality standards.

More about POLaRT: Founded in 2011, POLaRT is a high-end design leader in indoor and outdoor Victorian and Modern Baroque home furnishings created with a twist. Bright colors offset the collection’s traditional styles to deliver a contemporary look and feel. The company’s innovative management team, based in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, is committed to growing the company’s distribution by partnering with unique retailers throughout the U.S. For more information, visit POLaRTDesigns.com.

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