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Kymdan Reaches Out To Mattress And Bedding Retailers In US

Furniture World News Desk on 7/20/2017


KYMDAN America, Inc., a subsidiary of Saigon -KYMDAN Rubber Stock, a family-owned natural latex mattress and pillow business since 1954 with headquarters in Vietnam is now reaching out to US mattress and bedding retailers at the SSA Showroom, C-1565, World Market Center, July 28 – August 3, 2017.

“We offer American retailers a large, established and reliable source for natural latex mattress and pillows,” says Executive Secretary Qui Tran. “KYMDAN manufactures and markets natural latex mattresses and pillows featuring a unique, proprietary processing and molding technology and will now make these available to the American retail marketplace.” KYMDAN’s distinctive latex mattresses and pillows, with the company’s fifteen unique features, offer exquisite comfort, superior elasticity, and resilient body support. KYMDAN’s mattresses have been certified by several globally recognized, prestigious organizations for product quality and safety.

As a manufacturer specializing in natural latex sleep products (completely unblended with synthetic rubber), KYMDAN is dedicated to providing the highest quality natural latex sleep products. Along with business integrity, KYMDAN’s work ethic has earned the company the respect of the industry and consumers’ trust for 63 years. As a family owned company, for three generations, KYMDAN is recognized as a global innovator of latex mattresses and pillows.

“The value of KYMDAN products lies in their outstanding quality, unmatched by other manufacturers,” says Qui. “KYMDAN’s motto is ‘Our quality – Your comfort’. It is very important that our customers feel comfortable and that they experience a good night’s rest. A comparison of KYMDAN’s products to others on the market illustrates the outstanding quality of KYMDAN products, which has made them one of Vietnam’s most recognized brands of quality latex products,” notes Qui.

Qui points out KYMDAN’s large 1,164,000 square-foot production factory, which boasts state-of-the-art automation with a fully equipped research and testing laboratory, as well as a textile and furniture production factory. Combining innovative technology and extensive research by in-house and Japanese specialists, the company’s latex products deliver optimal support and outstanding comfort. Seeing the great health benefits that KYMDAN’s products provide, along with the company’s 15 outstanding features (see 15 Outstanding Features), Dr. Rodney Rowe (a certified Osteopath from Australia) highly recommends KYMDAN latex products as a healthy choice for healthful living.

As a registered trademarked product brand in 100 countries and territories, KYMDAN has a branch in Australia, an official distributor in Japan and is currently launching KYMDAN’s new branch in the USA. With products being sold directly to customers around the world, KYMDAN understands the importance of meeting international standards for quality and safety. It is worth repeating that KYMDAN routinely tests the company’s products through prestigious third-party testing organizations, globally known for their strict standards, so that KYMDAN consumers can rest-assured in the quality of KYMDAN products.
For more information, visit https://www.kymdan.com

KYMDAN Mattresses

Combining modern technology with traditional trade secrets, all KYMDAN mattresses feature a solid layer latex core, made from natural latex. This unique latex core in the form of sponge-like rubber foam core, features 15 outstanding features that make it very beneficial for the sleeper’s need for restorative rest. Combined with a fire-retardant, dual-filled cover, KYMDAN mattresses are compliant for import and distribution to all US markets. Complementing the hygienic characteristics of the latex core, KYMDAN mattresses feature an additional removable cover for better protection and easier cleaning.

Featuring all the characteristics of natural latex and containing no toxins or heavy metals, KYMDAN mattresses are incredibly safe for the consumer and the environment. The standard design of KYMDAN’s mattresses includes large square holes at the mattress base and small holes on the top surface (that are evenly distributed). This design results in better aeration due to increased surface contact area. This airflow eliminates heat buildup, a problem often found with low grade latex mattresses. With so many amazing benefits and functions, our mattresses will help improve the quality of sleep.

KYMDAN’s mattresses are available in three different firmness levels, Standard Hard (SDH), Special Hard (SSH) and Super Special Hard (SSH). For those who appreciate a more luxurious level of comfort, KYMDAN Special Deluxe PillowTop is the perfect choice. Its additional comfort layer provides a whole new level of comfort without compromising the supportive benefits that KYMDAN mattresses are known for. Providing consistent support throughout the body KYMDAN’s mattresses are highly recommended by doctors to assist in maintaining the health of the spine.

KYMDAN Pillows

Crafted from natural latex, KYMDAN pillows feature a unique channeled-chamber design that provides unmatched ventilation. Its soft, yet resilient form supportively cradles the head and neck, delivering unparalleled comfort and support, so the consumer sleeps soundly in the comfort of KYMDAN pillows.

Embodying the amazing features of KYMDAN mattresses, these pillows are highly supportive and ventilated. KYMDAN latex pillows are safe for the consumer and the environment. Made entirely from natural latex, KYMDAN’s pillows are highly degradable, as well as naturally fire retardant, antibacterial and highly resistant to fungi.

KYMDAN’s specialty range of pillows are conveniently sized, making them perfect for traveling. However, the benefits of KYMDAN pillows are not limited to merely supporting the head while lying down. They can also be used to support the body while seated. With so many benefits and functions, KYMDAN pillows never fail to impress consumers.