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How To Create Advertising That Sells. Five Easy Steps Anyone Can Follow - Step #5 - More about Benefits.

Furniture World News Desk on 1/22/2014

This week I’m keeping it really simple. We’re talked enough about benefits and why they’re so important to making your advertising more effective, so this week I'm giving you some examples. I talk a lot about benefits, but don’t forget, they have to be supported by features.

If you can work even just one or two of the following into one of your headlines or copy it will help your ad be more effective. There’s only room in this short article for brief examples, but you’ll get the idea.

Improving appearance of the home. More comfortable room. Makes entertaining easier. Creating a homey atmosphere.

Savings. Sales. Increasing home value. Save now, pay later. Worth much more.

Enjoy home more. Look forward to coming home. Easier to relax. Sink into comfort. Feet up, easier on your heart. Enhances entertainment.

Proud of your home. Show off to friends and neighbors. Beautiful furniture you’ll be proud to own. Welcoming guests. Your family will love you for upgrading their home. Quality you'll be proud to own.

Easy to clean. Stays like new, longer. Today’s up-to-date patterns and colors. Coordinates with your current décor.

Solid wood benefits. Construction benefits. Life time warranty. Solid wood (steel) recliner frame. Color benefits. Design benefits.

Store services. e.g. design service. Large selection. Delivery. Order on line (by phone). Free parking.
Have some fun with this. I did this when I was sales manager of a Top 100 furniture store. I had a contest among salespeople. You could also include office staff and delivery crew. Ask everyone to pick one item of their choosing on your showroom floor. List every way they can think of that someone might benefit from owning that item. Show them the above benefits to get them started. You could give a $25 gift card for the person who comes up with the most, or the best. Whatever criteria you choose. If you like, you could even send the lists to me and I could judge the contest. I’d love to do that. No fee. Just for fun.

Next week, we’ll talk about the final part of your ad puzzle. The Bid for Action. In salespersons’ language, the close. Your ads should Close, just as your salespeople do.

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