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Wolf’s Consignment Concept (AFC) Secures First Licensee

Furniture World News Desk on 11/18/2013

Doug Wolf and his partners at Allegheny Furniture Consignment (AFC) reported that  Wolf’s consignment concept pairing furniture consignment and first quality retail has secured its first license agreement with Delaware furniture powerhouse, Johnny Janosik, based in Laurel Delaware. Janosik, one of America’s largest furniture stores, serves customers from Delaware, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, coastal Virginia, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Johnny Janosik CEO Dave Koehler said that like Wolf’s, “We frequently have our customers ask us, ‘What can we do with our existing furniture? Where can we get rid of it? Can I get something for it?’ The consignment business is a perfect companion and provides a competitive edge for first quality furniture stores. It’s a profitable added service.”

“Research shows that over 68% of those who have consigned with AFC are Wolf customers, so we have validated the ‘crossover’ between the two businesses,” Wolf said. “We get to provide a service and create a second sale with a new customer – from our existing customer base. That is an attractive premise for retailers, especially if they have some under-performing floor space or real estate.”

Koehler says, “Many of our customers want to change and update their look, but often don’t know what to do with the furniture that they no longer want. Our consignment outlet will let them make room for the new furnishings and get value out of their old.

Janosik will use the AFC software and operating system and website for its new store, to be named, “Delmarva Furniture Consignment”. Koehler hopes to be open by January 2014. Wolf too, has plans to open a second AFC location in the first quarter of 2014. AFC has enjoyed almost a 40% sales increase for 2013 and has sold over 8000 consigned orders so far. According to Wolf, AFC is scheduling consignment pick-ups out almost 5 weeks and have almost two dozen other furniture retailers, including 6 in the top 100, who have shown interest in the AFC license program.

In the words of  industry consultant, Jerry Epperson, Doug and his team “have everything covered … bonus incentives for his sales and delivery staff to keep them on the lookout for potential consignment sales … programs for arranging pickup … pricing, advertising to attract consignors and customers, even critical details like website, IT and store signage… The time is right for this.”

For additional information on the AFC consignment program, contact Doug Wolf. Phone: 814-742-4380 x1127 E-mail: dwolf@wolffurniture.com