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Unique Loom Partners with HÆRFEST Coffee Co for Artist-Inspired Rug Collection

Furniture World News Desk on 11/16/2023

Unique Loom and HÆRFEST Coffee Co have announced a collaboration to create a new collection of rugs designed by artists with unique abilities.

Adeleh Nassri of Unique Loom's Business Development shared her thoughts on the partnership, stating, “Working with Toby and the HÆRFEST artists has been a remarkable journey. We are proud to introduce a series of abstract rugs crafted by eight skilled artists.”

HÆRFEST, an outreach-oriented coffee company, focuses on using coffee as a means to foster positive change and impact lives.

The Unique Loom x HÆRFEST Collection, first unveiled at the Fall High Point Market, features designs by eight artists from HÆRFEST Coffee Co. The rug designs begin as original abstract paintings before being transformed into machine-woven rugs.

This collaboration marks the first rug design venture for both entities, resulting in eleven vibrant and artful designs available in multiple sizes. The artists involved in this project also contribute to HÆRFEST’s coffee packaging and participate in the roasting and packing process at their facility in Davidson, North Carolina.

Toby Foreman of HÆRFEST Coffee Company remarked on the collaboration, “The partnership with Unique Loom has been a transformative experience for our artists and our company. The collection reflects the exceptional transformation of their artwork into beautiful rug designs.”

Unique Loom invites trade buyers to the unveiling of the HÆRFEST Collection during their Winter Open House on Thursday, December 7, from 9 am to 5 pm at their showroom in Market Square #190 (305 High Street, High Point, NC). The event will also feature coffee tasting, with the HÆRFEST team serving their coffee on-site.

The Winter Open House at Unique Loom offers buyers a chance to explore their 12,000 square foot showroom, which houses a diverse array of rugs, including machine woven, handmade, and hand-woven options, outside the bustling Fall High Point Market period. Personalized showroom tours will be provided by their sales team.

Visitors to the Winter Open House will enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks. The High Point Showroom at Market Square is also open weekly from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, for those unable to attend the event.



HÆRFEST COFFEE was first inspired in 1998 by Founder Toby Foreman’s brother, Ethan. Ethan, who had an intellectual disability, worked alongside Toby for 8 years while at Diedrich Coffee in Irvine, CA. During this time of watching his brother thrive and grow in confidence and sense of value, in earnest Toby felt a conviction to intentionally create a coffee roasting company to employ those who are often overlooked in the workforce. 

Eight years later that sense of conviction took on another level of purpose and inspiration when Toby and his wife Cheri, welcomed their second child, Reid, into the world. In the delivery room, the doctors shared, “Your son is showing signs of Down Syndrome”. Through tears and resolve they promised each other to move forward on HÆRFEST COFFEE because “Reid and his friends will need jobs someday”. Since its inception 20 years ago, and then with Reid’s birth, HÆRFEST has evolved into what it is today with every aspect of the company intentionally created to provide a job for those with disabilities; everything from the artwork on the bags being commissioned by individuals with a disability, to roasting, to grinding, to packaging, delivery, as well as home-based microbusinesses for those unable to work outside of the home. For more information, visit  haerfestcoffee.com.


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