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Infinity Massage Chairs Moves to New IHFC Showroom

Furniture World News Desk on 10/19/2022

Infinity Massage Chairs is introducing its most advanced massage chair yet, the Infinity Luminary™ Syner-D, in their new showroom located in the Hamilton wing on the seventh floor of the IHFC (H735) this High Point Market. The new chair is broadening the capabilities of relaxation by incorporating two separate massage mechanisms choreographed to work synergistically – something that no other chair has offered before.

By incorporating Syner-D technology in the invention of Infinity’s new chair, the product has the capability of providing therapeutic relief to the back and gluteus regions at the same time. Before the release of this advanced massage chair, Infinity had been manufacturing chairs that either included an L-Track, where a consumer could experience a full-body massage, or the S-Track, with stretching capabilities to offer superior spinal decompression. The new Flex-Track combines both, essentially offering two chairs in one. The chair is available in both black and brown and is set to retail at $9,999.

“The introduction of the Luminary was entirely dealer driven. Previously, customers in our showroom were able to try our Smart Chair X3 which uses the S-Track but were confused once they were able to try our Genesis Max chair that follows the L-Track. They were forced to choose between one chair type or another, but it was clear that there was a desire for a chair that could offer both. Now, their customers can enjoy a deep tissue neck massage while their back is being stretched,” said Michael Milone, vice president of sales and business development at Infinity Massage Chairs.

 Luminary is replacing the remote control with a new state-of-the-art sleek touchscreen tablet controller. The tablet’s intuitive interface lets the chair’s occupant easily navigate and operate the chair. The new Infinity Control feature allows the user to have complete custom control over their massage experience. An additional bonus: the tablet also has the capability to wireless charge cellphones.

“We have been seeing that the Genesis Max is easily our best-selling chair, despite being one of our top-priced products. However, we listen to our dealers’ opinions and stand by providing products that offer the ultimate relaxation and convenience for our customers. For only $2,000 dollars more, a consumer no longer needs to choose which benefits them more,” added Milone.



About Infinity Massage Chairs
Founded in 2009 in Seabrook, New Hampshire, Infinity is a premium massage and wellness chair producer that delivers innovative solutions to promote wellness for all lifestyles with durable, customizable, and user-friendly massage products. The company designs, manufacturers and markets premium massage chairs and handheld body massagers and is the number one massage chair seller in the United States.