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Naturepedic To Raise Funds To Fight Childhood Cancer During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Furniture World News Desk on 9/9/2022

 On September 9th, Naturepedic will begin generating funds for their national fundraiser, supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). Started by 4-year-old Alexandra "Alex" Scott in response to her own cancer diagnosis, ALSF is now a top funder of pediatric cancer research.

"Thank you, Naturepedic, for joining the fight against childhood cancer. Their support will not only raise much-needed funds to support research and help families, but it will also bring awareness to the cause,” said Selina Andrews, Senior Partnership Coordinator at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Many researchers suspect toxic chemicals play a significant role in the dramatic increase in childhood disorders. Naturepedic, the front runner of the organic mattress revolution since 2003, never uses materials such as flame retardants, vinyl, polyurethane foam, perfluorinated compounds, and other questionable chemicals in their crib mattresses. Babies and toddlers spend 10-14 hours a day sleeping and playing on a crib mattress, and with every breath, they inhale air no more than six inches away from their mattress. By eliminating possible carcinogens from sleeping environments, Naturepedic helps protect babies' "second womb"— the mattresses they spend nearly all day on. 

Currently, cancer is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute. It was estimated that 15,590 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 would be diagnosed with cancer in 2021, while 1,780 would die of the disease. With the number of children diagnosed with cancer growing significantly since 1975, Barry A. Cik, Board-Certified Environmental Engineer, Founder and Technical Director of Naturepedic, insists that "the elimination of toxic chemicals from children's surroundings is a critical step to prevent non-hereditary childhood cancer."

To further support the fight against childhood cancer, Naturepedic will begin a promotion on September 9th. Consumers who purchase during this period will receive a 10% discount. In addition, 10% of consumer sales sitewide will be donated to ALSF, with a guaranteed contribution of $25,000. Beyond this, Naturepedic will run a fundraiser with live updates available on the company's ALSF fundraising page to visualize the fundraiser's progress.

All Naturepedic mattress products for babieskids, and adults are certified organic by GOTS and certified non-toxic by MADE SAFE®. They are also certified to the GREENGUARD® Gold standard and verified as UL Formaldehyde Free. Naturepedic eliminates questionable materials and chemicals found in most conventional mattresses, such as vinyl, PFCs, polyurethane foam, flame retardant chemicals and chemical flame barriers, formaldehyde, pesticides, and GMOs, while still passing all government flammability requirements.

About Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) emerged from the front yard lemonade stand of 4-year-old Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who was fighting cancer and wanted to raise money to find cures for all children with cancer. Her spirit and determination inspired others to support her cause, and when she passed away at the age of 8, she had raised $1 million. Since then, the Foundation bearing her name has evolved into a national fundraising movement. Today, ALSF is one of the leading funders of pediatric cancer research in the U.S. and Canada, raising more than $250 million so far, funding over 1,000 research projects and providing programs to families affected by childhood cancer. For more information, visit Alex's Lemonade.org.

About Naturepedic
Since 2003, Naturepedic has been on a mission to protect the lives of families through safer, healthier organic-based products that have a positive impact on the environment. A brand with purpose, transparency and ethical practices, Naturepedic is the recipient of many certifications and is highly respected by numerous health and environmental organizations and is an EPA Green Power Partner. Since its inception, Naturepedic has been a consistent and generous advocate and supporter of NGO's and nonprofits advocating for "Right to Know" about what is in the products that people bring into their homes.