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Outward, Inc Hosts Networking event at High Point SHowroom

Furniture World News Desk on 7/20/2022

Outward, Inc., an independent Williams-Sonoma, Inc. company and pioneer in visual technology solutions for the home furnishings industry, has been testing the potential to capitalize on its High Point showroom beyond the twice-yearly Markets. The company recently hosted a casual networking event at its downtown showroom on South Main Street to connect with industry professionals and expects it to be the first of many to come. It has also been using the showroom on a regular basis to demo its Aperture Platform to potential customers in person.

“Our High Point showroom is turning out to be a wonderful space for us to network with the local home furnishings community and potential customers all year long,” said Gaurav Sethi, co-founder of Outward, Inc. “We are seeing positive business results from running small networking events and using the showroom on a regular basis.”

According to Sethi, like all exhibitors, he has wrestled with the cost analysis of only operating a showroom a couple of times a year around Markets.

“Markets are changing, and the old trade show model of seeing customers for a few days every six months in today’s business environment, is unrealistic. We’re in a relationship-based business and relationships are built over time, not just in the couple of days you see people at Market,” he said. “We want to be present where home furnishings industry professionals are, and we also want to support the High Point community and be actively involved. The fact that we have an office and showroom open here that is accessible everyday demonstrates our belief in the growing importance of High Point as a year-round center of commerce and design.”

Outward has already transformed the way product photography is conducted in the home furnishings industry with the Aperture Platform, the world’s first and only real-time automated photography system. As an innovator in this technology, Outward is looking to also innovate with these events, which they plan to continue hosting.

“We found this event and the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with our customers and visitors in a more informal environment, invaluable. We are looking forward to hosting more events like it and making the most of our investment here,” Sethi said.


About Outward, Inc.
Outward, Inc. is a visual transformation and technology company. Since 2012, the company has been reinventing the way product photography is created, presented and consumed. Inspired by its deep experience working with home furnishings lifestyle retailers and manufacturers, Outward has developed a fully automated photography solution, the Aperture Platform, which makes it easy to produce and publish high-impact product photography for a variety of visual merchandising uses. After completing an initial training session, manufacturers and retailers of all sizes and skill levels can produce a large volume of product images at the push of a button and publish them in any format — from e-commerce to traditional media. Outward is an independent Williams-Sonoma company. For more information, visit www.outwardinc.com.