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Chad Altbaier Appointed Chief Commercial Officer of Standard Fiber LLC

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Standard Fiber LLC, global innovator and supplier to the bedding and home textile industries, announces Chad Altbaier has joined the company in the newly created role of Chief Commercial Officer (COO). Based out of the company’s Burlingame, CA office, Altbaier will lead the sales, marketing, product innovation, and business expansion functions across all distribution channels, outside of the mattress industry.


"We're beyond excited to have Chad join us, expanding on our successes and building an even stronger global organization,” said Sandy Gray, CEO of Standard Fiber. “He brings twenty years of broad industry experience and relationships in the retail, hospitality and apparel industries with a proven track record of starting and leading business units. In just the few short weeks that he’s been part of our team, he has already made an impressive impact.” 


Altbaier has spent the majority of his career working in the home textiles and apparel categories, with a focus on natural and synthetic fills with Downlite, and most recently, Allied Feather + Down.


"I'm thrilled to be joining Standard Fiber” said, Altbaier. “I’ve known the company for many years and have had tremendous respect for its business growth, and the dedicated focus it places on its customers’ success. The company’s recent expansion into adjacent products for the mattress, healthcare and pet industries has been beyond impressive. I’m grateful to be able to work with such a talented team on a global scale to deliver unmatched innovation, technical expertise, service, and value to its customers.”




About Standard Fiber

Standard Fiber was founded in 1998 with one goal in mind: to deliver exceptional bedding products and customer service at the lowest costs possible. In doing so, they became the first bedding company to combine U.S.-based product design, customer service, and technology with the cost benefits and manufacturing capabilities that are best achieved throughout Asia. Today, Standard Fiber works hand-in-hand with its customers – manufacturers, distributors, and digitally-native brands – to supply the innovative bedding solutions today’s consumers want, at the competitive prices they need. With offices and staff in the U.S., UK, China, India & Pakistan, today they are a global leader in home bedding products and textile manufacturing, and one of the largest producers of utility bedding products in the world.  For more information, visit www.standardfiber.com.



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