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UNITERS Group Expands with Furniture Solutions Network

Furniture World News Desk on 4/6/2021

UNITERS North America and Furniture Solutions Network (FSN), have partnered to present furniture manufacturers, retailers, and their consumers with a comprehensive approach to furniture protection and technician services.  Furniture Solutions Network (FSN) is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the UNITERS Group, a leading global furniture care and protection corporation. 

The UNITERS Group is a remarkable and unique organization.  The company has been in operation for over 30 years and has developed an impressive vertically integrated structure of great scale on a global basis, with offerings including: 

  • Protection Plans
  • Home Furnishings Care Products
  • Extensive Service Technician Network:  The Largest in North America

The UNITERS Group business units work in tandem offering customers an unmatched product set and service capability, operating through:

  • UNITERS North America (Protection Plans)
  • UNITERS SpA throughout Europe (Protection Plans and Care Products)
  • Furniture Solutions Network (Claims Administration and In-Home Service through Technology and In-Field Technicians)

The company’s vertically integrated structure provides the foundation for an exceptional experience for consumers, while protecting the brand and offering compelling profitability for retail partners. 

While FSN is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UNITERS Group, it continues to provide exceptional service to manufacturers and retailers throughout the industry. 

“With great excitement, we are proud to partner with FSN and welcome them as an important part of the UNITERS Group, not only as a partner but as family.  Our longstanding relationship and strong foundation with FSN, has been built over many years of working together.  Combined, we offer the most comprehensive products and services in the industry.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to offer our clients unique services that are unrivaled in the furniture world,” says Gordian Tork, Chairman of UNITERS Group.

“This partnership has so much potential,” says Rex Folkerts, CEO of FSN.  “Between the excellent products and services UNITERS provides, FSN can come in with our technician services on the backend and complete the process, the first time.  Also, with FSN Marketplace opening its virtual doors, we will be able to source parts for all their extended warranty and manufacturer warranty claims quicker, eliminating claim delays.  This commitment and partnership are just the beginning of many good things to come in 2021, and the years ahead.”

Together UNITERS and FSN have extensive expertise in protection, patented care products, technician services, extended warranty and manufacturer warranty knowledge, service center operations, and more.  “The UNITERS Group will benefit from FSN’s market-leading technician services and expertise.  Our history together, and the insights for process alignment and enhanced workforce collaboration, made FSN an obvious choice for partnership,” says Mr. Tork.


Stop by and see UNITERS at the Las Vegas Market. They will be in the Resource Center, #B1050, Booth #8.



About UNITERS:  UNITERS is a global manufacturing company that markets and distributes home care and repair products in 6 continents and in more than 100 countries around the World.  We also provide Furniture Protection Plans to millions of consumers each year through the largest furniture retailers and department stores in the United States.  Founded in 1991 by Chairman Gordian Tork, and together with his father, Dr. Leo Tork, UNITERS has developed some of the most revolutionary leather care and protection products in the furniture and home goods industry.  Under Gordian’s leadership, UNITERS set out to transform the service plan and warranty administration industry with a transparent process that allows both furniture stores and consumers the ability to follow their claims process easily to ensure a quick and fair resolution. 

Dr. Leo Tork was the founder and director of the UNITERS Product Research Center in Italy.  He was the driving force behind the development of UNITERS innovative cleaning, protection, repair and restoration products.  Today, consumers, manufacturing and retail partners worldwide rest assured knowing that the UNITERS Research Center develops the highest quality and environmentally friendly products available.   

The UNITERS team worldwide is continually working to discover new solutions to improve the care and protection of furniture, textiles and bedding, and to serve as a model for innovation and responsible business practices in the service and protection plan industry. 

For more information, visit www.uniters.com


About Furniture Solutions Network: FSN is a nationwide technician services company that provides in-home furniture repair solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.  Founded in 2001 by CEO Rex Folkerts, he saw the need to create an efficient program, with full transparency, and overall a top-of-the-line service experience for clients, technicians, and consumers.  With the help of FSN President, Ron Combes, they created a system called Service Order Software (SOS).  SOS was a new and successful digital tool for retailers and technicians to document step-by-step progress and communication during the work order process.  Demand for furniture repair services grew quickly, and FSN established a reputation for excellent service, high first visit fix rates, an honorable staff and a workflow process that was trusted by its clients nationwide.  FSN is now a premier technician service provider, with over 200 technicians in the United States and 140 technicians across Europe.

FSN has led the way with service innovations for the world’s leading furniture clients, providing a portfolio of solutions to address the three core elements of in-home service, furniture, and technology. In addition, FSN has a leadership team that is focused on the consumer experience and strategic goals to drive down expense while increasing profitability for its retail partners.  FSN is highly experienced in working with all facets of the retail industry and is always working to identify fresh solutions and provide the best experience for its clients. 

For more information, visit www.fsnpro.com.