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Feather Launches In D.C., Baltimore and Richmond Metro Areas

Furniture World News Desk on 1/26/2021

Feather—a furniture and home decor rental service—announced that it is launching its service in the Washington D.C., Baltimore and Richmond metro areas, marking a major moment of growth for the company. Residents in more than 800 zip codes will now have access to Feather’s assortment of over 200 pieces of furniture, art and rugs.

Working remotely has changed our living spaces drastically and opened up the possibility of flexible living for many people who didn’t have that option before. Now, more than ever, people in cities across the country also need flexible furniture options. Feather makes it possible to find beautiful, versatile furniture and home decor quickly, without the upfront cost and commitment of traditional retail. Feather provides a stress-free, convenient way to rent quality, affordable furniture suited to fit any style.

“At Feather, we pride ourselves in cultivating a flexible home experience for our customers and their ever-changing lives. We knew 2021 would be a year of expansion for us, so we listened to our community and chose the DC area since its vibrancy and transience extends itself clearly to the service we provide” said Jay Reno, Founder and CEO of Feather.

Grounded in calm neutrals and punctuated by pops of colors and patterns, Feather furniture responds to the needs of its customer by offering storage and multipurpose functionality. Feather also provides a range of curated apartment packages, designed to alleviate the burden of furniture selection, especially when it comes to moving and furnishing an entire place at one time. Feather makes it possible to furnish an entire apartment for as little as $97 per month compared to spending thousands of dollars upfront.

During the pandemic, Feather has seen a 400% increase in demand for home office items and a 260% increase in demand for items such as sofas, chairs and beds as people are spending more time at home. In addition to the D.C., Baltimore and Richmond areas, Feather currently services customers in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County.


About Feather:  Feather is the next-generation furniture and home decor rental service that makes it possible for people to find beautiful furniture quickly, without the upfront cost and commitment of traditional retail. The company challenges the notion that people need to own something to get the most utility from it by shifting consumer behavior in a more thoughtful direction. Feather’s 200+ piece furniture and home decor line was designed to be refurbished, repaired, and redeployed. Feather is passionate about keeping furniture in homes and out of landfills, and is proud to continually offset the carbon emissions of its domestic operations. Since its founding in 2017, Feather has been a pioneer in the movement against fast furniture— the industry accounts for 20 billion pounds of landfill waste annually— by making sustainability a cornerstone of its business model from day one.

For more information, visit livefeather.com.