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Soft-Tex International Doubles U.S. Production Capacity

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In a recent announcement, Soft-Tex International, Inc. shared news of its domestic production growth and commitment to continued expansion of U.S.-based supply chains for the company’s luxury bedding product lines.

1H20 U.S. Production Growth
Soft-Tex has recently more than doubled its production capacity in its Waterford, NY-based factory and through other US-based production partners responding to surging demand for Soft-Tex’s luxury products. This growth has been driven primarily by fiber filled and hybrid pillows and fiberbed product lines featuring proprietary technologies like REACTEX® cooling, MemoryLOFT® and SofLOFT® fills, or Ultra-Fresh® branded antimicrobial treatments.

The growth Soft-Tex has experienced has driven significant hiring of production and shipping workers including the launch of extra shifts and specialized training classes for sewers.

Initiative to Expand Domestic Production
In addition to the current growth, Soft-Tex has launched a corporate initiative to expand U.S.-based production by at least 20% a year for the next 5 years and is actively looking to increase domestic production capabilities through launching of a merger and acquisition task force.

Commensurate with these initiatives, Soft-Tex has joined SEAMS, the Association & Voice of the U.S. Sewn Products Industry, and is looking forward to partnering with other SEAMS members and other manufacturing and supply chain partners in furthering SEAMS’ mission to expand domestic production.

“As Soft-Tex continues to source high quality products and materials globally, we see a tremendous opportunity to continue accelerating our domestic manufacturing. This is particularly important to us as we expand into new business channels and products,” said Scott Thayer, Soft-Tex Chief Innovation Officer.

Heightened Consumer Demand for Made in USA Products
Soft-Tex and other recent consumer research show consumer demand for products made in the USA. A recent Coresight Research study shows that nearly half of consumers studied agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “U.S. retailers should source fewer products from China.”

Improved Supply Chain Resiliency
With heightened geo-political uncertainties from tariffs, antidumping, and many other considerations incumbent to foreign supply chains, the speed and constant flow of goods from domestic sources provides retailers security and better service to the end customer.

For retailers with “American Renewal” initiatives investing in products that support U.S. jobs, contact Chris Marsh, Soft-Tex Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, at cmarsh@soft-tex.com

About Soft-Tex: Soft-Tex International is an innovation company focused on building the most comfortable products to help the world sleep and live better. With hundreds of patents, patents pending, and trademarks, Soft-Tex is the leading choice for retailers looking to offer a differentiated, well-merchandised assortment of bedding and home comfort products with the latest features and benefits.

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