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Employee/Customer COVID Safety Checklist For Furniture Retailers

Furniture World News Desk on 6/30/2020

Frequent Furniture World contributing author David McMahon provides readers with a short checklist for mitigating COVID risks right now in your stores.


With businesses opening back up and with surges in COVID-19 numbers, a huge risk businesses face is if they get an employee or customer with COVID. In addition to the health risks, this could lead to lost sales and negative-press that will cause current and future loss revenue. Here are some quick non-political thoughts.

Processes for safety, minimizing risk and increasing close rate…

  1. Safety measure for the organization:
    1. Use a greeter with customers and match them with a salesperson, after.
    2. Contactless temperature checks for customers offered.
    3. Branded masks handed to customers (use required).
    4. Sanitizer spray.

  2. Employee check in procedures - Safety office / contracted nurse (not the manager)
    1. Check and record employees temperature
    2. Hand sanitizer with instructions to apply multiple times per day.
    3. Visual on no health symptoms.
    4. Sign-off, if normal
    5. If not normal: work at home day with tasks assigned.

  3. Office proximity: separate and/or require masks.

  4. Internal meetings: held with zooms, masks, or on the floor where separation in doable.


About David McMahon: David McMahon is a retail financial and operational professional and Founder of PerformNOW. He directs multiple consulting projects, is proud to lead 6 business mastermind performance groups: Ashley Gladiators, Kaizen, Visionaries, TopLine Sales Managers, Lean and Sigma DC Operations. He is Certified Management Accountant and Certified Supply Chain Professional. You can connect with David at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwmcmahon/ or david@performnow.net.