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Infographic: Seven in Ten Renovate to Compete with Neighbors

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My Job Quote recently announced results of it's survey on copycat neighbors when it came to redecorating. The company asked 2,275 US homeowners, amongst others in an interest to investigate copycat neighbors.

A home can be someone’s pride and joy - with the ability to decorate it how we please and it seems homeowners like to make the most of renovation over relocation.


Survey results:

Many copycat neighbors exist in the US, the results reveal.

When asked if they have ever imitated aspects of a neighbor’s house, 70% admitted yes (17% said no and 13% were unsure).

Homeowners were also asked to specify which aspects they had copied, revealing the most prominently copied feature of American homes:

  • Indoor furniture/items (69%)
  • Outdoor furniture/items (61%)
  • Color schemes (53%)
  • Indoor accessories (47%)
  • Garden design (42%)
  • External house design (39%)
  • House architecture (34%)
  • Room design (25%)
  • Floor plans (11%)

It appears we have mixed opinions upon finding out a neighbor has copied us. Being copied is primarily met with discomfort (67%), but also competitiveness (50%) and violation (49%). Other reactions include:

  • Flattered (44%)
  • Angry/annoyed (39%)
  • Pressured (27%)
  • Inspired (21%)
  • Anxious (19%)
  • Happy/pleased (17%)
  • Sad (13%)
  • Impressed (6%)


Are social pressure and competition the main drivers of our curiosity? Apparently so.

When asked how pressured they feel to compete with surrounding properties, the most common answer was very (28%).

This was closely followed by somewhat (21%), and then by not very (17%), not at all (15%), a little (14%) and finally depends on the renovation (5%).

Yet, this competitiveness doesn’t appear to translate to reality. Most homeowners aren’t willing to spend to renovate, with the majority choosing $5,001-$10,000 (30%) when asked. Other choices included:

  • $0-$50,000 (25%)
  • $10,001 - $20,000 (19%)
  • $20,001 - $50,000 (16%)
  • $50,001+ (10%)

Speaking exclusively to My Job Quote, US homeowners share their stories:


"One of the contractors listed on our site was asked to remodel someone’s kitchen. They were very specific and had exact measurements on absolutely everything.

He made the renovations they asked for, only to find out later that everything was taken from the next door neighbor. The homeowner had measured their neighbor's kitchen, took pictures so there was visual reference, and wanted theirs to match to the last detail!"

Jesse Silkoff, Co-Founder and President, MyRoofingPal.


"We hired a carpenter to carry out work on the bottom of the walls of our home, and our neighbor was so impressed they had exactly the same work done, only in a different colour. They never bothered to ask if they could copy our design since it’s a widely used method.

When we were invited over, we noticed the work and we were happy for them. It gave us the satisfaction and confirmation that we’d made the correct decisions on our own home."

Dan Lysogorsky, President, IPL Management LLC.


The above research included in this release was posted with permission from https://www.myjobquote.co.uk

About MyJobsQuote.co.uk: MyJobQuote.co.uk seeks to connect homeowners with local tradespeople. Started in 2013, MyJobQuote’s two founders started as a small digital marketing company and took inspiration from their parents who were both tradespeople. They wanted to create a service which could integrate their knowledge of digital marketing to create a platform to provide value for both homeowners and tradespeople. Homeowners get quotes for their job quick and easy. While tradespeople are able to find local work to support their business. For more information, visit https://www.myjobquote.co.uk.





If you publish the research included in this release, you must credit https://www.myjobquote.co.uk.

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