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Shopify Awards Coohom for their 3D Model Viewer

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At Shopify's Developer Hackathon 2019, the merchant reps and the 13-member jury decided unanimously to award Coohom’s 3D Model Viewer “the Most Innovative Application”.

Coohom, a 3D visualization company, recently announced that their 3D model viewer for e-commerce business was awarded “the Most Innovative Application” during Shopify Developer Hackathon 2019.

Running an online store is a lot of work. To get online shoppers to buy your products, you have to encourage them to stay on your pages, consider your products for longer, and return to you over less savvy competition so they can get a better look at what you’re selling. Providing a full 360-degree view of your products offers online shoppers an experience more closely resembling what they would experience in a brick and mortar store.

So, when Coohom developed a true 3D viewer for e-commerce business during Shopify Developer Hackathon 2019, it immediately got everyone’s attention. After a 2-day hackathon, the merchant reps and the 13-member jury including Shopify’s global application ecology leader, Shopify’s R&D director, Facebook’s Asia Pacific team, and Google’s Developer Community team, decided unanimously to award Coohom’s 3D Model Viewer “the Most Innovative Application”.

What is True 3D Viewer and Why Does It Matter?

Since launch in 2006, Shopify has successfully implemented a platform strategy from its initial e-commerce site-building tool. Over 500,000 merchants use Shopify to run their online stores, and in the Shopify App Store, merchants can choose from thousands of apps to help to automate sales, shipping, and even marketing activities.

360 view, or 360 spin is one of the plug-ins that makes product look clearer, showing off key details and features in one go.

There are many 360 viewers on the market, but most of them are image based which display a series of still photos of the product. It might be nice and easy to get photograph if the business only involves apparel, or digital products, but for others like furniture, setting up an extensive array of photos for each product can turn out to be time-consuming and costly, which largely off limits the online furniture merchants to consider using the tool.

Coohom’s 3D Model Viewer, on the contrary, uses a totally different technology to generate 360 view for the products. As an associate member of the Khronos Group, an industry standard of acceleration for 3D graphics and AR/VR, Coohom helps furniture and home decoration customers create general 3D models and apply them in cutting edge 360-degree spins, as well as AR/VR. It represents an innovative e-commerce technology that is easy-to-visualize and more adjustable.

The major difference between the true 3D View and general 360 view is that Coohom 3D viewer is a real-time 3D visualization solution. Customers take full control of spin speed, rotation direction, and be able to zoom in for the incredible details. Things like color, texture or component of the product have a wide choice of options, and can be changed instantly.

Moreover, once the 3D assets are generated, virtual realistic photos can be created automatically on Coohom for marketing and online selling. This means merchants who decide to go with 3D technology are no longer need to look for studio photography.

In all, Coohom 3D Viewer helps online shoppers experience the products at a whole different level - the potential customer will gain an added dimension of familiarity with the purchase that is simply not possible with static images.

About Coohom: Coohom is the international arm of Kujiale.com, a leading 3D product visualization and home décor firm that powers over 14,000 enterprises globally. To date, the company has raised over $160M USD from global investors including GGV, Hearst, and IDG. For more information, visit .

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