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Outlast Introduces Comfort Ratings for Bedding in North America

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Outlast Technologies, a pioneer in phase change technology, announced the introduction of a new tier-based comfort rating system for products with Outlast® temperature regulating technology. Outlast Technologies has developed the Outlast® Comfort Rating to distinguish product performance based on three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. “It’s a simple way to explain a fairly complicated technology,” explains Guy Eckert, Vice President at Outlast. “We wanted a consumer friendly label that is easily recognizable, conveys specific performance levels, and offers licensees and retail partners a vehicle to differentiate themselves from their competition.” The Outlast® Comfort Rating is being introduced on bedding products this fall. The program includes unique graphics for inclusion on package inserts, hang tags and more. Licensees who have already implemented the rating system include Select Comfort, Carpenter, HoMedics, Sealy, and Restonic. WHAT IS OUTLAST® COMFORT RATING? Outlast® Comfort Rating is designated through the Outlast® certification process and reflects a product’s capacity to store heat. Products with a higher Outlast® Comfort Rating have more heat storage capacity. Gold level products, for example, have a much greater ability to buffer temperature swings and therefore offer the most comfort. “In more precise terms, Gold has 25% greater temperature buffering capacity than Silver,” says Eckert. “It’s the only technology on the market that can offer a true extended comfort range.” WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM USING OUTLAST® TECHNOLOGY? It is common for people to experience restlessness as they cycle between feeling too hot and too cold throughout the night. People who routinely toss and turn, throw the covers off or stick a leg out to cool down are likely to sleep better with Outlast® technology. Anyone who sleeps with a partner with whom they are thermally incompatible or suffers from night sweating will also benefit. Eckert adds, “In fact, it’s uniquely engineered to help moderate symptoms associated with menopause.” Outlast® products can also be layered (mattress, mattress pad, blanket, comforter, pillow) to obtain an even higher Outlast® Comfort Rating. HOW OUTLAST® TECHNOLOGY WORKS Outlast® temperature regulating technology is a high-performance material originally developed for NASA. It’s designed to balance a sleeper's skin temperature, allowing him or her to remain comfortable during the night. Unlike traditional fabric and insulation that trap heat, products with patented Outlast® Thermocules™ actually absorb your excess body heat when you become too warm, and release it back when you need it. When incorporated into bedding products, the technology allows two sleepers with different temperature preferences to find compatibility in the same environment. ABOUT OUTLAST TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Outlast Technologies, Inc., a privately held U.S. corporation, is the worldwide pioneer in developing phase-change materials and applications. As an innovative technology company, Outlast has launched temperature-regulating technology in apparel, footwear, bedding, packaging and labels, and accessories. Originally developed for NASA, Outlast® fibers, fabrics and coatings contain patented microencapsulated phase-change materials called ThermoculesTM, which absorb, store, and release heat, providing increased comfort for consumers. For more information, please visit www.outlast.com.