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Furniture Testing Facility Opens In The UK

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A new 8,000 sq ft, fully-conditioned furniture and floorcoverings laboratory has been created at SATRA, making the technology centre the largest furniture and floorcoverings testing facility in the UK, with the largest corporate UKAS scope in Europe. Housed in SATRA’s new Wyndham Way extension, the state-of-the-art laboratory also boasts additional flammability chambers. “SATRA is best placed to advise all those in the furniture supply chain and now has more than sufficient capacity to deal with peak testing demands so lead times can be reduced for the benefit of all customers,” said John Shipman, manager of SATRA’s furniture testing facility. “SATRA prides itself on its furniture service in which products are tested for safety, fitness for purpose and compliance to legislation, quickly and at a competitive price.” About SATRA: SATRA is regarded as the authority on consumer product testing and research. In addition to benefiting from the strength of the SATRA brand, furniture customers can take advantage of the modern facilities, expert knowledge, free advice and no extra charges for the storing and disposal of furniture. For further information or to arrange a visit, contact John Shipman on johns@satra.co.uk

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