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Memorial Celebrations To Be Held For "GIORGIO" Alan Meadoff In NY and NC

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Alan Samuel Meadoff, also known int the trade as Buckley Dunston III and "GIORGIO" recently passed away at the age of 64 in his home in Jamestown, NC. As The founder and designer of the Giorgio line, an innovative collection of contemporary home furnishings, Alan's creative marketing ability, intelligence, style and outrageous humor made him a one of a kind success. "Memorial Celebrations of his life" will be held in NYC and Jamestown NC: - In Jamestown, NC on Saturday, November 10th at 2PM. RSVP to Jordan Greenberg at jordan@apropos-furniture.com. - In New York City on Monday, November 19th at 6PM at the New York Design Center (200Lex). RSVP to Jordan Greenberg at jordan@apropos-furniture.com. Originally from New York, Alan, a third generation in the furniture business, was the devoted son of Joyce and the late Harold, brother of Gail, Randy and Laurie. Gail Meadoff noted that, "Alan was not just an importer. He conceptualized and designed the Giogio brand and persona. The line was innovative, but what set him apart was his creative marketing. I remember a buyer who visited his High Point showroom, and asked to see the man who was "putting on the show". On another occasion he covered all the showroom windows in brown craft paper and hired a formal butler to give out hand towels so that buyers could wash their hands before going into his showroom." Those who knew him had no doubt that he lived life passionately, fully and on his own terms. He was a unique individual who was ahead of his time and defied conformity. The gift of his retirement, was his commitment to mentoring and fathering a local group of Lost Boys of the Sudan. His passion for these boys was as life changing for Alan as it was for them. The family would like to acknowledge the friends and caretakers who were a source of strength to Alan in the last month's of his life. Contributions can be made to the "African Service Colaliation" earmarked for the Alan Meadoff Memorial Fund, 122 North Elm St., Suite 500, Greensboro, NC 27401.

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