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Prophesy Launches FurnitureTrans™ A Complete Furniture Delivery Software Program

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Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of its FurnitureTrans™ software. FurnitureTrans™ is a complete furniture delivery management software package for retailers and manufacturers. It handles an order from the moment it is created until the moment it is delivered.

The software provides real-time order information, annual delivery cost savings of 15-20%, seamless integration with existing software, and the opportunity to plan and then re-plan the way shipments go out. FurnitureTrans™ also offers real-time reporting on where every shipment is that is available -- to the retailer’s management and sales staff -- keeping everyone informed at all times.

“For a long time now, we have been hearing from furniture retailers and manufacturers about the need to be as efficient as possible in their deliveries,” said Edward J. Forman, Prophesy’s CEO. “Transportation costs and responsiveness to customers are two vital concerns for these companies. We can help because the furniture gets there the most efficient way, and you always know where a shipment is,” explained Forman. This is what companies need to compete in today’s marketplace. 888888 About Prophesy: For more than 20 years, Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. has developed software products to efficiently transport goods. Prophesy’s FurnitureTrans™ is the fully integrated software package for furniture deliveries. For more information on FurnitureTrans™, visit http://www.prophesylogistics.com or call 877-652-2362.