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Sheryl Saxon Joins Groovystuff As Sustainability Officer

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Groovystuff announced that it has hired a Sustainable Officer to audit all aspects of its supply chain. Sheryl Saxon joins the company in October and will be responsible for the accountability procedures required to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s product and carbon footprint over time. Sheryl brings to the table an extensive background in ISO compliance and auditing experience from the Health Care Industry. Among her responsibilities will be supervising the chain of custody on all Groovystuff products for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) compliance. The FSC program evaluates the source of the wood and the handling procedures throughout the product life-cycle once the wood has been recovered. All information is verified annually through a third party audit from the Rainforest Alliance. Groovystuff is a Dallas-based manufacturer of residential furnishings crafted from reclaimed teak wood.

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