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"Furniture Retail" Yellow Pages Listings Generates 77 Million References Annually

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According to the Yellow Pages Association(YPA), the "Furniture - Retail" Yellow Pages heading ranks 26th out of more than 4,000 headings and generates nearly 77 million references annually. "Home furnishings represents a growing industry because of the many styles, colors, constructions, materials, price points and financing options available to consumers," said Michael Pierce, director of communications and public relations of the National Home Furnishings Association. "Trade associations, manufacturers/distributors and retailers provide excellent Web sites and print resources which consumers can use to assist them when making new decisions about home improvements." YPA says that consumers most frequently refer to the "Furniture - Retail" Yellow Pages heading when they are looking to purchase bedroom furniture and bedding (26 percent). This is followed by living room furniture (24 percent) and chairs/recliners (13 percent). On average, consumers reference more than four advertisements under the "Furniture - Retail" heading before making a buying decision. "Historically, furniture retailers have relied on print and Internet Yellow Pages to help generate business because of the medium's high return on investment - $16 of profit for every $1 spent on Yellow Pages advertising," said Larry Small, director of research of YPA. "More than 87 percent of Yellow Pages searches for furniture result in a transaction." For more information on specific Yellow Pages headings, visit YPA's Web site at http://www.ypassociation.org. Additionally, YPA's Co-Op Get BrandedT program advises Yellow Pages sales representatives how to offer manufacturers and local/national retailers shared advertising investments. For more information about YPA's Co-Op Get BrandedT program, contact Val Onyski at val.onyski@ypassociation.org. References Used In This Release: - U.S. Census Bureau - 2006 Knowledge Networks/SRI - 2006 CRM Associates *The top 12 most frequently referenced headings are: Restaurants, Physicians-Surgeons, Automobile Parts, Automobile Repairing-Service, Pizza, Attorneys-Lawyers, Automobile Dealers, Dentists, Hospitals, Plumbing Contractors, Beauty Salons and Insurance. About The Yellow Pages Association: Originally founded in 1975 as the National Yellow Pages Service Association (NYPSA), the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) is the largest trade organization of a print and digital media industry valued at more than $26 billion worldwide ($14 billion in the U.S.). Association members include Yellow Pages publishers, who produce products that account for almost 90 percent of the Yellow Pages revenue generated in the U.S. and Canada. Members also include the industry's international, national and local sales forces, certified marketing representatives (CMRs) and associate members, a group of industry stakeholders that include Yellow Pages advertisers, vendors and suppliers. The Association has members in 32 countries. Neg Norton is president of the Association. David Swanson, chairman and CEO of R.H. Donnelley Corporation, is the chairman of the board of directors. YPA board member companies include Ambassador Publications, the Association of Directory Marketing, AT&T Advertising & Publishing, DataNational/Volt Directory Systems, Idearc Inc., Marquette Group, R.H. Donnelley, RR Donnelley, Wahlstrom Group and Yellow Pages Group. For more information, please visit the YPA Web site at www.ypassociation.org or call (908) 286-2380. To learn more about Yellow Pages advertising, visit www.buyyellow.com. For a Who's Who of Internet Yellow Pages and search engines, visit www.localsearchguide.org.

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