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Riverside Furniture Launches Enhanced Website Design

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Riverside Furniture, a leading manufacturer of home furnishings announced the redesign of their innovative website, www.riverside-furniture.com, with new features making the site more visually appealing, engaging and easier to navigate for an enhanced furniture shopping experience. “The whole idea behind the redesign of riverside-furniture.com is deliver a multi-sensory experience that engages our visitors and brings the furniture designs to life,” says Valerie Shropshire, Creative Director. “At its best, design is irresitable and beautiful furnishings demand to be touched. The challenge for our team was to present product imagery with such a sensual appeal that you can almost reach through the screen and feel the wood grain, the curvature of a finial, or the texture of a seat.” Riverside-furniture.com is designed to attract passionate shoppers, discerning brand loyalists and design enthusiasts. The aim is to captalize on the growing trend and increased confidence of individuals using the internet to discover new and unique home furnishings. The website redesign also allowed for a fresh look at what content was being presented to our visitors which inspired new ideas for inclusion. Additional items not in the previous version of the site include expanded product features and imagery, design and trend articles from Riveside’s INSPIREDMagazine, viral marketing tools, a design glossary and a comprehensive site search tool. Visitors to the website can discover new furniture, gain insight from continually refreshed trend and style articles from the magazine, and walk into one of our dealers’showrooms with a very clear idea of what they want. “Our goal is to reward our visitors time and time again with new design discoveries, powerful insights and intriguing design stories, says Shropshire. "In addition to these features, our Dealer Portal has been enhanced with a hi-resolution image library accessible by all dealers and advertising agencies." “We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Riverside site redesign,” said Linda Owen, VPof Marketing. “Adopting the style and approach of a gallery, Riverside showcases wonderful products within a super-premium web experience. Our goal is not only to become a unique gateway to design and trend stories, but that we win the hearts of our inspirational consumers and dealers alike. The redesign is another step to continually enhancing our users’ experiences, as well as delivering additional functions and features.” The company reports that more features are slated to be added in the upcoming months including a color and finish options tool, online magazine and several dynamic innovations to be announced at a later date.