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The Sustainable Furniture Council Announces High Point Discussion Forums

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The Sustainable Furniture Council announced that it will have a meeting of members, potential members and interested parties on Sunday Sept 30 at 7pm at the South Cone showroom, in the Union Square Building, 410 English Street, High Point, NC. The big news for this meeting is that the SFC is releasing the draft 2008 application and standards for peer review. The SFC board and Standards Committee have put in many many hours working on this important document and we are proud of what we have to present. It has not been an easy task to get to the final draft, and we want to emphasize that we know it is not perfect, but we believe it effectively describes our position and our priorities and we are eager to get our peers' input. The Council will be receiving comment on this Draft for Peer Review throughout the month of October and then publishing the final document in mid-November. At this important meeting we will share the story of the formation of the SFC, review the document, and begin the important discussion of it. Attenders will be invited to participate in a second discussion of the document at 2pm on October 5th, also in the South Cone Showroom, and then at another meeting which will take place later in October. A light supper will be served this Sunday. RSVP to Margaret at MSKROMELUKENS@GMAIL.COM. The SFC is an independent non-profit balanced coalition. The Council's mission is to promote sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry and raise awareness among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, based on the belief that sustainable practices are those that promote a healthy balance between the environment, local economies and social equity. For more information, contact Susan Inglis, Executive Director, Sustainable Furniture Council, PO Box 205, Chapel Hill NC 27514 919 967 1762 or go to www.sustainablefurniturecouncil.org

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