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Innovative 3D Design & Sales Tool To Be Demonstrated In High Point

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ViewIT Technologies, creators of 3Dream.net, announced that they will be demonstrating a brand-new version of their online 3-d design and sales tool at two locations during the fall High Point furniture market. The company will showcase what it believes will be the ‘wow factor’ in design technology – the ability to create virtual 3d environments using real world items. “People don’t dream in 2 dimensions – they need to see, feel and touch”, said Ross Barlett, the 3Dream project founder and ViewIT CEO. “Space planning is very important, but simply because something may fit physically doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look good when it gets delivered.” Barlett feels that as an industry we are forcing our customers to visualize as many as 20 different design elements -- furniture styles and fabrics, multiple paint colors, flooring types, lighting, art -- and then wondering why they don’t make the buying decision. “They want to buy, but they’re afraid of making expensive mistakes they may have to live with for a long time. But if we can give them the ability to see it all before they buy, then we’ve just taken the biggest buying obstacle off the table.” 3Dream was created as a tool for a store design center or studio to work with their customers to create and customize the home environment in a virtual 3-d setting. Using mouse and cursor buttons you can create the customer’s space, search for and select furniture, fabrics, window treatments, paint colors, lighting and accessories and instantly place these in your project workspace. Moving around the space is easy - use the cursor arrows on your keyboard to go where you want to go. Clicking a digital camera icon on the screen instantly creates a snapshot of whatever view you have on the screen, which can then be printed or emailed as an image of how the space could look using the desired products. The service will be available starting at $40 per month. Designers and retail users can sign up for a free trial account by registering at www.3dream.net. Demonstrations of 3Dream will take place within the newly renovated Designer's Resource Center, next to the InterHall at IHFC (main floor) from 10:00am to 2:00 pm, and at the Interior Design Society display, 1st Floor, Market Suites (top of the escalators) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. ViewIT Technologies (formerly Masterplan Magnetics) designs and manufactures design tools for use by interiors professionals and homeowners. The Board™ series of room planners is their most popular system, with over 100,000 sold.