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Hillside Furniture Co. Opens High Point Showroom

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After a tragic fire devastated the business almost 4 years ago, Hillside Furniture Co. (formerly Hillside Cottage Furniture Co) announcd that that it will be showing at the October High Point Market in InterHall, booth #306. According to Hillside Furniture’s President Gary Atachian, “Hillside had some down time to re-build and improve itself. We are boasting a faster turn around time, strong quality control, and as always a lifetime guarantee on our product. We stand behind what we build.” At the October 2007 International Home Furnishings Market, Hillside Furniture will introduce two very different collections. Daedal, a collection of intricate complex design with a traditional flare, offers head turning details. (A historical word, “Latin daedalus” means “Ingenious and complex in design.”) Diplomat is international-scale furniture designed for cozy yet elegant living spaces; it has the sleek styling, refined details and fresh finishes for which Hillside Furniture is known. This Market is not the first time Hillside Furniture has gone to extremes to meet the vastly different needs of its customer base. At any given time, it might introduce a collection of eighteenth-century furniture alongside a cool contemporary one. Its Twelve Knights Trestle Table is a good example. It seats an sixteen dinner guests at one time. Because it’s customizable, however, one can order an infinite number of 44 inch sections – it could theoretically outfit the world’s most immense dining room. “Customization is the basis of our entire business philosophy,” notes Atachian. “Because we make all of our furniture here in America, we can truly give the customer exactly what they want, and we can do it fast!” "Of course, customization means far more than size, continued Atachian. "It means offering a variety of finishing techniques, hardware and other options too numerous to cite. We’ve always based our collections on consumer research and it has served both our customers and us very well. We’re determined to stay nimble and responsive to market trends. It’s what any company in the global economy must do…and it’s the key to furnishing a gorgeous home that truly fits.”