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G.ROMANO moves to IHFC Design Center

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Canadian contemporary specialist G.ROMANO announced that it has signed a lease for a new showroom on the 7th floor of the IHFC’s Design Center in time for the upcoming Fall Market. Commenting on changing traffic patterns in High Point, Rick Lovegrove, G.ROMANO’s head of design and sales director said, "Over the last few markets, we have seen a definite shift of the market’s flow away from the outside showrooms and back to the IHFC building. As buyers attend more markets than ever, the actual amount of time they spend at market is often reduced and is often focused on the key, must-see buildings. "We felt to better serve our customers and to maximize the exposure of our line there is no better place for us than the IHFC design center. No one attends the High Point Market without shopping the IHFC-it truly is Market Central. The IHFC has made a strong commitment in upgrading their building to become a world class facility and we are very happy to be there." G.ROMANO will launch of several new collections as well as new marketing tools for dealers. Their showroom will be located on 7th floor Design center #D708 . G.Romano also shows at the TCHFM in Toronto and at the Las Vegas Market.