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Bemco To Introduce Fire Resistant Products In High Point

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In a move to support the new federal standard for fire resistant bedding that went into effect July 1, 2007, Bemco is introducing its Bemco Fire-Tec™ fire resistant products and marketing materials at the High Point Market, Space #111, East Green Drive, in High Point, North Carolina. "We are supporting a number of new product introductions by providing the fire resistant selling materials requested by our retailers," says Daryl Tarbutton, president, Bemco Associates. Among the new materials is a Bemco Fire-Tec Ad Kit™. The kit consists of four ads including the Bemco Fire-Tec™ Mattress Sale, the Bemco Fire-Tec™ Sale, the Bemco Mattress Sale, and the Bemco Introductory Sale. Each ad reminds consumers that every Bemco mattress has a Bemco Fire-Tec fire resistant barrier and each highlights the Bemco Fire-Tec brand. The four-color ads feature photographs of families. "This is to convey the importance of protecting our loved ones, especially while they sleep," notes Tarbutton. The ads can be customized with each retailer's name, pricing information, and a range of options. The ads also feature the Good Housekeeping Seal which is awarded to products that have passed the tests of the Good Housekeeping Institute. Bemco provides the entire ad campaign to retailers in CD format for easy use and coordination with local newspapers. "But they're more than just ads," emphasizes Tarbutton. "Bemco wants to promote dealer and consumer awareness in this critical area so we're developing an ongoing educational campaign to support the Bemco Fire-Tec effort. At Bemco," Tarbutton concludes, "we not only want to give consumers a healthy sleep, but a safer sleep with Bemco Fire-Tec."

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