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Myriad Software Releases Wireless Executive Management Module

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Myriad Software announced that it has introduced Executive Management Module Browser edition version 4.5 that provides real-time analysis of a furniture company’s business from anywhere in the world that has wireless capability. No dialing into the company’s system necessary. No laptop needed. A PDA or cell phone will do the trick, relaying all the important information a furniture company owner or upper-management executive needs in a quick-to-read review format. Myriad’s Executive Management Browser includes real-time reviews of sales, inventory, purchase orders, accounts receivable, banking, accounts payable and customer relationship management. “With this kind of detail, owners or company executives can have their finger on the pulse of the business hourly, daily or monthly,” says Carolyn Crowley, Myriad Software’s president and co-founder. “Our Executive Management Browser helps executives run business more efficiently and profitably without having to be at the business,” she adds. “They can travel and keep their hand in the critical areas of business. All that’s required is Internet access – wired or wireless – to check on the latest business details. “Since pretty much every city and hotel around the world these days has wireless access, portable devices, like the PDAs or cell phones we carry every day, make it very easy to know what’s going on.” Just one click on the Executive Management button opens the Executive Menu with the nine key areas that every business relies on. One more click on any of the areas provides the key details. Nothing has to be printed. Nothing has to be accessed from a lap top. Any type of sale, for example, will show important summary information, including profit and gross margin. Executives can sort the information several different ways, including by salesperson. They can also retrieve it for today, current month and more. The other eight areas are just as click-easy to use and just as comprehensive for summary information with fewer extraneous details. Myriad Software has become synonymous with offering forward-thinking technology to its clients in advance of other business-system developers. The company, now in its 18th year of business, continues to grow its mid-size to major independent retailer base. Myriad is also the business system of choice for the country’s top licensee programs, including Bassett Furniture Direct, Norwalk Furniture, Thomasville Home Furnishings, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries and Lane Home Furnishings. Myriad will be offering demonstrations of the new wireless Executive Management Module Browser edition 4.5 at High Point and Las Vegas markets. For more information in advance of the shows or for a remote demo, contact sales@myriadsoft.com or call 800-676-4243.

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