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Abbyson Names Hrach Boyajian Marketing & Sales Manager

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Yavar Rafieha, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Abbyson Corporation announced that Hrach Boyajian has been named the new Marketing & Sales Manager. He will be working hand in hand with Maria Yerukhimova who is the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator to help in the expansion and to lead the Marketing Department. Mr Rafieha commented that "with the launch of its sister retail operation in The Power of Home and with the release of its new furniture line, 2007 has been an exciting year for Abbyson." Abbyson was one of the first companies to jump at the opportunity presented by Building C at the Las Vegas Market. With the planned opening of a new 10,000 sq. foot showroom in Building C, 2008 has a lot in store for Abbyson. The new showroom will have a modern and elegant atmosphere with new products constantly being showcased. Due to the demand for European style products, Abbyson is working with European designers to introduce new and different transitional and classic contemporary pieces like no other in the industry. “Our goal is to exceed customer’s expectations and blow away the competition. We will constantly update the showroom with new products and make sure that the showroom has a fresh and relaxed ambience.” said Michelle King, Las Vegas Showroom Manager. “Diversity within our products is something we strive to achieve here at Abbyson. That is why our products come from all over the globe, resulting in one of a kind luxury home furnishings and accessories.” said Hrach Boyajian, Marketing and Sales Manager. “The success of the Las Vegas Market and our new showroom is only the beginning! We here at Abbyson can’t wait to show our vivid vision of the future and lead the home furnishing industry to the next level.” said Maria Yerukhimova, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator. About Abbyson: Abbyson is known for its distinct and high quality Tibetan rugs as well as its fresh perspective on home furnishings. For more information about Abbyson Corporation or to find out more about the new 2007 furniture line, please contact the corporate office at (800) 600-7729 or log on to www.Abbyson.com. Also showing at LasVegas building /space number: World Market Center Building A, Showroom 133