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"Declaring Color for 2007/2008" Presentation At Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas

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The fifth edition of Interior Lifestyle USA will take place July 31 August 3, 2007, at the Sands Exposition Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a part of the Las Vegas Market Week, this event has become an important destination for persons involved in the home decor industry and has established an exclusive opportunity for serious buyers and sellers of home textiles and tabletop products. At the 2007 Summer Market, Messe Frankfurt will feature a special presentation on European Trends from the Heimtextil event in Frankfurt, Germany. European Trends presented in Las Vegas "Baroque is finally passé!" The new trend "Declaring Color" abandons the whimsical, claims European Designer and Trend Forecaster, Gunner Frank in regards to the creation of the Heimtextil Trend Display. Design, clarity, and function are trendy and the use of dynamic, energetic, intelligent fabrics is an important development for designers. Genuine design is back in fashion - fantasy and modernity will interact to create the interiors of the future together with an open, clean ambience. Colors and materials need to be reinterpreted and used differently. “Declaring Color” is a type of bridging function – somewhere between a contemporary way of thinking and the traditional, between East and West, science and mysticism. "We are experiencing the rebirth of the Renaissance", Frank continues. In this context it is important for experts to stop in cooperation with grumbling, which means banishing all that is negative. Frank’s ethos is to adopt a fresh approach to new things. "At the end of the day, the world we live in needs change. Stamp your personality and character on your merchandise", explains Frank, presenting the new trends during Heimtextil 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany. The world around us inspires the fashions of tomorrow. "Designers should look for inspiration for your new collections whenever you visit a theatre, cinema or museum.“ An abundance of color and expansive decorations pay homage to a variety of artistic directions, on the one hand the art of the early 20th century (symbolizing the modern) and, on the other, the Renaissance (symbolizing the traditional). This creates areas of conflict in which an awareness of color turns into a statement. Frank differentiates between four color-related areas of conflict or color themes presented in the Trend Display: Constructive Power – represents the strength of the seven primary colors and the severity of constructivism. This creates areas of total modernity and clear lines. As far as manufacturers of home an home textiles are concerned, the maxim is "reduction – climbing down from the summit of the Baroque and the whimsical into "purity”. The impact of the chosen color combinations is powerful and intense. A backdrop with a new aestheticism of its own is created in the linkage area to the decorative elements of whimsical, elegant tradition. According to Frank, "The Baroque doesn’t entirely disappear in fact, it dissolves and softens gradually". Cubism Monochrome – here the family of seven neutral colors fuses with cubism. The transition from the concrete into the abstract, elucidated in this art form, complement the "non-colors” perfectly. As projection fields, they offer the peace and basis essential to the new orientation. In this context, a loft atmosphere is trendy. Motifs and references from bygone centuries create a new excitement, with art used as a decorative element. There’s also a mix and match of other designs elements, for example of materials with special structures and finishes, designs resembling computer animations, such as wood, matte and glossy. With this design and color mood, the change of perspective is part of a dynamic life- and homestyle. Surreal Sunny – stands for warm yellow and red color nuances combined with Surrealist-inspired style elements. "Blue was the color of 2006 – now yellow is taking over and is destined to be the major color”, says Frank. Yellow creates harmony in some overloaded designs. Plenty of glass, a host of textiles, and a plethora of structure serve both to create a warm atmosphere and to banish the Baroque. Fifties fabrics provide the inspiration, with expansive designs in faux reptile skin with leaves or diagonal movement / structures, for example. Surrealist elements conjure up a creative moment contrasting with motifs with a classical hallmark. An imaginative look, with distinctive modern, romantic accents, which takes its orientation from this new dawn, is born out of this home environment. Futurism Dawn – in the futuristic world, the cool spectrum of blue- grey color nuances dominates. "Here, blue is once again a major theme, with dark blue celebrating a revival", adds Frank. As with Surreal Sunny, the modern and romantic find equal expression, creating clean, open interiors in which blue and white dominate. The importance of stone, faux leather, glass and iron is resurgent. The initial impression is one of simplicity. "Romance is on the table” explains Frank. A pleasant, remote playfulness is both a symbol of moving forward and an expression of the progressive nature of this style of living. "Although the classic persists, it declares color, thereby creating a modern impact", Frank opines. The trend "Declaring Color" will be on display at Interior Lifestyle USA, July 31 – August 3, 2007 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. This is a special feature reproduction from the Heimtextil 2007 Trend Display, which is the biggest trend show in the world for home and commercially used textiles. Incorporating the latest designs from leading design studios and manufacturers of home and commercial textiles, the new trends are featured in an inspiring ambience. Style manifests itself at Interior Lifestyle USA in Las Vegas Interior Lifestyle USA will provide retailers, designers and contract specifiers with a beautiful array of leading brands in the home textile and tabletop industries. With over 70 companies featured in this high-end, juried section of the Las Vegas Market temporary exhibits at the Sands Expo Center, buyers are sure to find value and inspiration. For further information, visit www.interiorUSA.com or contact: Stephanie Everett Messe Frankfurt, Inc. 770-984-8016 ext. 424 stephanie.everett@usa.messefrankfurt.com International press contract: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH Ms Ina Stoltze / Ms Christine Kern Phone: +49 69 7575-6803 / -6084 ina.stoltze@messefrankfurt.com christine.kern@messefrankfurt.com Further Messe Frankfurt textile and consumer goods trade fairs around the world: Group of Heimtextil - Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles (29 - 31 August 2007), Shanghai, China - Heimtextil Russia (11 - 14 September 2007), Moscow, Russia - Heimtextil India (10 - 13 October 2007), Mumbai, India - Heimtextil (9 - 12 January 2008), Frankfurt am Main, Germany - Interior Lifestyle/Heimtextil Japan (11 - 13 June 2008), Tokyo, Japan Group of Ambiente - Interior Lifestyle China (13 - 16 September 2007), Shanghai, China - Ambiente Russia (6 - 9 November 2007), Moscow, Russia - Ambiente (8 - 12 February 2008), Frankfurt am Main, Germany - Design Lifestyle Middle East (25 - 27 May 2008), Dubai, UAE - Ambiente Japan (11 - 13 June 2008), Tokyo, Japan