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Bush Industries To Host "Christmas In July" Party In Las Vegas

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Jim Schmidt II, Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising for Bush Industries, Inc., announced that his company will be hosting a "Christmas in July" theme for its showroom at the Las Vegas Furniture Market. The "Christmas in July" theme, featuring live Santa, decorations, and Christmas party, is designed to put focus on the upcoming Christmas and Super Bowl season, where sales on flat panel TVs are expected to hit record levels. And because over 70% of consumers buy TV furniture after their TV purchase, this period between around the first of November through the end of January should be an huge opportunity for home furnishings retailers as well. "This holiday season has the potential to deliver a much needed jolt to the home furnishings industry, if retailers anticipate the demand and merchandise and promote their stores as THE TV room furniture headquarters. Our EZONE Merchandising program can help get the message out to your customer. Because Bush conducts significant consumer research, we, as a manufacturer are prepared to support our retail customers with our inventory of TV room furniture already in-stock and ready to ship," said Schmidt. Manufacturer of the 2006 best-selling TV stand, Bush is planning major product introductions for the 2007 season at the Las Vegas Furniture Market in July. During the Las Vegas Furniture Show, Monday July 30th through Friday August 3rd, Bush Furniture will celebrate "Christmas in July" by turning its showroom into a winter wonderland. A live Santa, Christmas trees, faux snow, nutcracker statues and more will decorate the showroom and furniture displays. On July 31st, Bush will host a gala Christmas Party featuring gourmet hors d-oeuvres, "Christmas" desserts, open bar, and even a special "Christmas-tini" (spicy cinnamon martini), to celebrate the upcoming season. The party is open to all retail buyers from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. The Bush Las Vegas showroom is located at the World Market Center, Suite A-610, 495 S Grand Central Parkway. Bush has planned a large number of introductions during the Las Vegas Furniture Market designed to complement technological advances and trends in the consumer electronics industry, like expanded gaming applications, diversity in flat-screen TV styles and sizes, reconfigured audio/video components, and smaller footprint computer hardware configurations. Bush, known for its exceptional RTA quality and aggressive pricing, will display its most popular home furnishing styles; including contemporary, European modern, and metallic finishes designed to coordinate with todayĆ­s electronic finishes. Bush is committed to maintaining its design and quality leadership with fashion-forward styles, surfaces, and value-added detailing techniques. Bush Industries, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of RTA (ready-to-assemble) furniture for home and office, as well as a supplier of diverse surface technologies. The company is headquartered in Jamestown, New York, with manufacturing plants in New York, Pennsylvania, Germany, and Asia.

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