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Western Home Furnishings Association (WHFA) Promotes Sustainable Business Practices

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The Western Home Furnishings Association (WHFA), provider of information services and resources to the furniture industry, announced the unveiling of its online sustainable business practices hub, as featured on its website, www.WHFA.org. WHFA’s commitment to supporting retailers in their quest to “go green,” comes in direct response to environmental concerns and the consumer’s increasing desire to shift their purchase decisions based on a retailer’s interest and support of sustainable products and business practices. “We at WHFA feel sustainability is a very important issue for our organization and our industry,” said Sharron Bradley, WHFA executive director. “Together we can make a significant contribution to protecting our environment and we want to provide retailers with the resources to help them run their businesses in a more eco-friendly fashion,” said Bradley. WHFA’s online sustainability business practices hub provides numerous links to green manufacturers, retailers, support organizations and educational articles. To log-on, visit www.whfa.org, go to Industry Resources and click on Sustainable Business Practices. “We’ve done the research to save retailers time and now everything is in place on our website which will just keep growing and evolving. We’re continuously looking for additional resources to be shared,” said Melissa Dressler, WHFA web manager. The mission of WHFA is to promote sustainable business practices within the home furnishings retail community by offering knowledge and resources that encourage members to become more eco-friendly in their day to day operations. About the WHFA The Western Home Furnishings Association (WHFA) is the largest affiliate of the NHFA, representing more than 1,100 independent home furnishings retailers in more than 2,800 stores in 12 western states.

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