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World Market Center Upgrades Transportation Plan for Summer Market

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Executives at World Market Center’s rapidly expanding home furnishings campus report that they are taking comprehensive steps to accommodate future growth and increased traffic flow. "As the Market’s popularity and attendance grows, managing the traffic surging in and out of World Market Center’s complex at 495 S. Grand Central Parkway in Las Vegas is a high priority," said Gerry Sawyer, World Market Center’s chief operating officer. “Every time we add a building, attendance gets stronger and we increase our vehicle input significantly,” Sawyer said. Building B opened in January, 2007, and Building C will open in 2008, along with a new 3,600 vehicle parking garage. To respond to increasing demand, World Market Center recently partnered with the Orlando, Fla.-based Gameday Management Group, a nationally recognized event transportation management company, to implement an enhanced transportation and traffic plan for the Summer 2007 Las Vegas Market. Gameday Management Group is a leader in transportation solutions for sporting and special events around the country and world. Founded in 1994, Gameday provides a host of services built to improve the efficiency of transportation at special events; including successful traffic management planning, installation of travel demand management tools and efficient shuttle system operations. Gameday personnel have orchestrated traffic and transportation improvement efforts for events such as the Super Bowl, 2002 Winter Olympics, Daytona 500 and 2005 Presidential Inauguration in addition to providing online parking permit services for the International Builders Show and the National Association of Broadcasters. “We’re excited to work closely with World Market Center to streamline traffic flow for its attendees, exhibitors and employees.” said Tony Vitrano, owner of Gameday Management Group. “Our comprehensive approach takes everyone into account, and ensures that we plan appropriately for the many types of events and visitors that will come to Las Vegas’ newest and soon to be largest trade show complex.” Enhanced transportation plan for July. Among the new transportation objectives and solutions arriving for the Summer Market are: - Advance communications to attendees that customizes a personal transportation plan in order to maximize new and alternate routes to and from World Market Center. - Streamlined operations with larger and geographically separated loading areas for taxis, shuttles and personal vehicles to allow for greater efficiency, speed and flow. - More frequency with M-line shuttle service (during peak periods) and increased attendee comfort from the misted shade structure at the shuttle terminal. - Enhanced signage and increased passenger assistance to help attendees get where they need to go quickly. - Relocation of Registration Pavilion to entrance of Buildings A & B in order to expand transportation terminal. - Non-stop “people movers” to get attendees from World Market Center buildings to Pavilions on-site. - Express shuttles from World Market Center and nearby parking lots Market officials tout the M-line shuttle system as the most efficient transportation in and out of Market each day. The air conditioned, complimentary M-Line shuttle service will be offered from all host hotels to World Market Center’s campus and the trade show taking place at the Sands Expo. Discovery Drive Opens: Further helping the ingress and egress to and from World Market Center, Market officials say that they are thrilled about the new $3.6-million Discovery Drive roadway project in downtown Las Vegas. Discovery Drive opened in February 2007, providing another new traffic enhancement to the site plan. Located north of Alta Drive in Las Vegas, the new portion of Discovery Drive starts at Martin L. King Boulevard and extends east under Interstate 15 to connect to Grand Central Parkway with two travel lanes in each direction. “With Discovery Drive open, we literally have an extra avenue to and from our back door which will provide quicker access for Market attendees, and allow us to split the flow of traffic to reduce congestion,” Sawyer said. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman agrees. “As the city continues to redevelop downtown Las Vegas into a world class destination to live, work and play, access to this booming area is crucial,” said Goodman. “Discovery Drive is another way that visitors and residents will be able to access WMC and Union Park.” More Parking on the Way: Currently under construction is a $60-million, eight-story, 3,600 vehicle parking garage located in the heart of WMC’s complex. It sits on nearly six acres with 175,000 square feet on each level. The garage will be completed by July 2008, in conjunction with next summer’s Las Vegas Market. Robert Holgate, World Market Center’s director of forward planning, said the parking garage will be immediately north of the third building, which is currently under construction. “The parking garage will help us accommodate our growth as new phases and new buildings come online,” Holgate said, adding that WMC designed the garage with convenience and accessibility in mind. “The parking garage is located in the heart of WMC’s campus with easy accessibility to all of the buildings through temperature-controlled walkways and common areas.” The Las Vegas Market will take place July 30 – August 3, 2007 at World Market Center’s Buildings A and B, the Pavilions; the temporaries will be featured at Sands Expo & Convention Center opening on Tuesday, July 31.

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