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STORIS Announces 200th Vision R8 Client

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STORIS Management Systems, a leading supplier of technology solutions and services for Big Ticket retailers of all sizes, announced they have welcomed their 200th Vision R8 client. STORIS continues to experience tremendous growth with their highly successful Vision R8 Server Business Solution and SaaS offering. Introduced in 2004, Vision R8 takes the unparalleled functionality of the STORIS application and presents it to the user in a Windows-based, point and click environment. “Partnering with our 200th Vision R8 client in such a short time is an exciting accomplishment for STORIS. The Vision R8 product suite has proven to be a sensation among retailers of all sizes. In addition, our ability to develop and release new software revisions packed with features almost twice per year demonstrates our commitment to continue to raise the bar and exceed our customers’ expectations,” Doug Culmone, COO of STORIS stated. Mr. Culmone added that, "Vision R8 provides the most comprehensive family of progressive business applications, providing best-of-breed functionality built for complete integration, unlimited scalability, and easy, secure processing. Additionally, Vision R8 allows retailers to decide how to manage their technology platform. Retailers can choose to implement the Vision R8 product suite in either the traditional approach with the powerful Server Business Solution, or as a subscription service with the evolutionary SaaS (Software as a Service) model, an affordable web option for emerging and dynamically growing small or midsize businesses." Both Vision R8 Server & SaaS offer analytical real-time collaboration tools which translate data into consistent, meaningful, and actionable information that helps retailers to fully leverage their data across the enterprise. Executives gain the visibility to pinpoint inefficiencies, the foresight to identify new opportunities, and the information necessary to optimize operations and extend best practices throughout the enterprise. Culmone concludes, “We look forward to continuing to help and excite retailers with our solid software solution. Vision R8 allows our clients to concentrate on their business knowing that their internal operations are managed by the premier system for big ticket retailers, backed by the best professional services staff in the industry.” STORIS Management Systems, an IBM and Microsoft partner, provides technology solutions and services to Big Ticket retailers. Small and large retailers worldwide rely on STORIS to deliver the technology and support services to outperform their competition.

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