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ABC Carpet & Home Opens Barbara Barry Realized by Henredon Gallery

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ABC Carpet & Home is announced the opening of its 2,500 square foot Barbara Barry Realized by Henredon gallery. ABC Home will have the first complete retail presentation of this collection in the New York Metropolitan area. The gallery includes: tabletop, bedding, textiles, rugs and lighting and will bring the vision of this world-renowned designer to a broader audience. Paulette Cole, the CEO and Creative Director of ABC Home, says, “We are inspired by Barbara Barry’s expression of her incomparable aesthetic through intention, clarity and integrity. Her graceful yet powerful shapes create a balance that reflects her ability to integrate both the masculine and feminine energy. This balance, present in all her designs, brings an approach to the home that we feel is unique to Barbara Barry.” Recognized as one of the most celebrated designers of our time, for both residential and commercial projects, Barbara‘s goal is to create an “oasis of tranquility” in her rooms. With a neutral color palette and sensuously shaped pieces, Barbara designs for the body and the spirit. The result brings a feeling of calm support to all who enter and take refuge in her surroundings. “At the end of a long day,” she believes, “it is not about how much we have, but that what we have serves us.” Barbara believes that, “Furniture speaks to us and exudes a message which in turn evokes an emotion in us.” Fastidious about details, Barbara designs pieces “to be part of a whole, as nothing stands alone.” The results are silhouettes that work not only from all angles, but with other furniture styles from antique to modern, as well, allowing for tremendous versatility. Much more than a collection of furniture and accessories, this is a lifestyle offering based on Barbara Barry’s vision of home defined by elegance and ease where everyday living can unfold gracefully. “I am delighted that ABC Home has opened their doors to our brand. I believe in the power of design and its enormous potential to positively impact our lives. There is a healing aspect to beauty, and with every choice we make, we realize that more and more. Introducing products that bring everyday elegance into each room of the home is a joy; introducing them at one of the most exciting and prominent design showcases in the country is a thrill.”

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