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A.R.T. Announces HP Showroom Move

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A.R.T. Furniture, Inc. will welcome buyers to a new 37,000 square foot showroom on the second floor of Plaza Suites on Main Street during the High Point Market this fall. CEO Ed Grund said the decision to expand from their former 28,000 square foot location at Market Suites is a response to the A.R.T.’s success in attracting key retailers to the 18 original design collections offered by the four-year- old company. “The powerful reaction we’ve enjoyed from the very first sale to Weir’s Furniture in Dallas of our American Sampler Collection, (which continues in its popularity) to our new introductions at each subsequent market, has compelled us to continue to expand our showroom space. This investment reflects our commitment to the High Point Market, and an ongoing desire to increase the convenience of our location.” A.R.T. opened their first High Point showroom in 2003. “Tom Mitchell and Merchandise Market Properties, Inc. gave COO Greg Beckman and me the opportunity to introduce our company in a permanent showroom, and from that strong beginning, we doubled our space on the third floor of Market Suites after two years,” Grund added. A.R.T. has consistently offered several incentives to increase visitor traffic, including a free limo service, and daily catered lunches and cocktails served in a large, well-appointed meeting area. These special services will be enhanced in the new showroom. Grund credits the success of the relatively young company with several factors including a strategic balance of quality features with consumer affordability complemented by strong retailer profitability. From the start, the company has offered a flexible container program and maintained warehouses in China and California. “We’ve enjoyed the attention of the major retailers, in part, because the styles of our original design collections that range from traditional to contemporary resonate with the preferences of consumers across the country.” A.R.T. Furniture is also scheduled to move to Building C of the World Furniture Center in July, 2008, increasing the size of their Las Vegas showroom from 8,000 to 22,000 square feet.

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