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Channel Logic, Sustainable Furniture Council And Las Vegas Market Center Create Living Green Pavillion

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In a move to establish a significant presence of sustainability, Channel Logic and Sustainable Furniture Council join with World Market Center to create the inaugural Living Green Pavilion. As part of the Design and Living section at the Sands Convention Center, Living Green will showcase stylish and functional home furnishing designs available from several manufacturers. Channel Logic Inc, has positioned themselves as the leading sustainable products resource and representation firm, and is working hard to establish a viable presence in the marketplace for eco-conscious purchasers. Channel Logic, Inc. is a sustainable furniture manufacturer representation firm, founded in March, 2007, by Tim Loveday and Mark Gruman. With the sustainability movement rapidly gaining momentum, Loveday and Gruman recognized an opportunity to advance the presence of sustainability within the furniture industry. "We were at International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina,” said Loveday, president of Channel Logic. “Two of our clients were exhibiting in the first Greenstyle Pavilion. We saw several sustainable furniture manufacturers who had beautiful products, but were lacking the marketing or representation to take their products to the masses. “It was there that our role in the industry began to really take shape. We made it our goal to help take sustainable furniture from niche to mainstream.” "Call it ‘green,’ call it ‘eco-friendly,’ or call it ‘sustainable.’ No matter what you call it, if you’re looking for furniture that is environmentally friendly," said Loveday continued, "a call to Channel Logic, Inc. is the right place to start. Loveday and Gruman also met Gerry Cooklin, founder and president of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC), and Susan Inglis, director of SFC. “Getting to know Gerry and Susan and what they’re doing at SFC has had a profound impact on our lives, both personally and professionally,” Gruman said. “They have inspired us to do what we can to help ease the strain on the global environment. There is a tremendous opportunity to make a difference within the furniture industry.” The newly-formed alliance between Channel Logic and Sustainable Furniture Council created an opportunity to work with World Market Center in Las Vegas to establish the Living Green Pavilion which will showcase the growing style and substance of eco-friendly home furnishings. Loveday and Gruman relish the chance for manufacturers to show that they don’t have to sacrifice quality or style to implement sustainability. In fact, Channel Logic will only represent companies who can demonstrate a certain level of sustainability and a commitment to continued improvement. At the time of this release, Channel Logic has a client list of nine manufacturers of sustainable products, with both retail and commercial sell-through channels. In addition, Loveday and Gruman have begun working with the U.S. Department of Commerce to increase the placement of sustainable products of U.S. manufacturers in commercial projects. Channel Logic is also working with Mike Italiano, a founding member of the Green Building Council and LEED certification programs. Italiano is also CEO of the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS), a leader in establishing certification standards for sustainability that apply to a variety of industries. It was through the connection with MTS that Channel Logic became acquainted with Mary Hunt, who has since joined the team as Communications Director. Hunt brings a wealth of marketing experience to the table, as well as an understanding of how to utilize the internet as a powerful ‘word-of-mouth’ tool, specifically blogs where consumers can share their experiences. “In seconds they can tap thousands of product review sites and millions of bloggers voicing their opinions,” said Hunt. “That puts consumers in control and companies in the position of having to prove themselves way beyond where they ever had to before.” In a short time, Channel Logic has made significant progress toward their mission of advancing the movement of sustainability in the marketplace. But for them it’s more than just providing sustainable furniture products and spreading the message. It’s also about setting an example. “We want people to see we’re trying to walk the walk, not just talk the talk,” Loveday said.