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FabricTech 2000 Introduces Pillow Protector With Air Filter Technology

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FabricTech 2000, an innovator in the mattress and pillow protection industry, said it would begin distribution of its second generation PillowBarrier™ Pure Flow™, which includes a patent pending air-filtration membrane that traps allergens, dust mites, germs and impurities before they reach either the pillow or the consumer. PillowBarrier™’s new technology is available nationwide at better mattress retailers or through the company’s internet site, www.fabrictech.com. Allergens are all around us, but dust mites thrive on skin particles and moisture, making a pillow their home of choice. Bedding products in even the cleanest home will attract dust mites. For example, tossing and turning in bed each night creates friction that causes dead skin cells on our bodies to flake, permeating bed linens and landing atop an unprotected mattress or pillow. Likewise, everyone excretes bodily fluids while sleeping, most commonly through perspiration. In some homes, small children may climb into bed and have an accident, or pets can leave hair and dander on a mattress or pillow. Two-thirds of pet owners sleep with their pets. FabricTech2000’s flagship products are BedBarrier®, BedLiner™ and PillowBarrier™, which are made with proprietary OmniGuard® and OmniGuard® Ultra fabrics and MightTight® construction seams that work together for non-stop protection against dust mites, moisture and other allergen triggers. All FabricTech 2000 products prevent skin particles and moisture from reaching your mattress and pillow, using a three-step approach. OmniGuard®’s breathable PolyKnit™ outer layer absorbs perspiration, moisture and stains, while the waterproof InnerShield™ Membrane protects them from reaching the mattress or pillow. It wicks moisture away instead of creating an uncomfortable “puddle” effect. This also prevents mold and mildew from forming. OmniGuard® is naturally stain and water resistant, and is made with no added chemicals, so it is safe for children and pets. The products are waterproof, quiet and cool, unlike noisy, sticky vinyl. The InnerShield™ Membrane also safeguards your mattress manufacturer’s warranty since it can be voided if there is a stain on a mattress –regardless if your claim is for another reason. Another important property of all FabricTech2000 products is that the OmniGuard® and OmniGuard® Ultra’s engineered fabrics won’t alter mattress or pillow comfort, including the temperature sensing properties of memory foam mattresses. All of the our products come in sizes that fit every mattress and pillow, including a low profile size that snuggly fits today’s premium memory and latex foam mattresses, or inner-spring mattresses with low profiles. There are also BedBarriers® and BedLiners™ for the Jumbo and custom size mattresses. When the consumer launders the PillowBarrier™ in the wash, do not use chlorine bleach, close the zipper and use hot water and dry medium or high heat. The air filtration media will be cleaned.