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High Point Announces Spring & Fall Market Dates

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The High Point Market Authority has established a new calendar of Spring and Fall Market dates through the year 2015. According to Brian D. Casey, president and chief executive of the High Point Market Authority, the new dates will become effective in Spring 2008 and will not impact the 2007 Fall Market dates—October 1 through 7. Modifications to Market’s calendar were made in response to results of an in-depth industry research project launched late last year focusing on the experiences of Market attendees. Based on the findings of that research, the High Point Market Authority board of directors voted unanimously last month to shift the bi-annual Market’s dates back to a traditional April/October calendar. Market will continue to maintain its new Monday to Sunday pattern. Starting next Spring, the new calendar for the High Point Market is as follows: SPRING FALL 2008: April 7-13 October 20-26 2009: April 27-May 3 October 19-25 2010: April 19-25 October 18-24 2011: April 4-10 October 24-30 2012: April 23-29 October 15-21 2013: April 22-28 October 21-27 2014: March 31-April 6 October 20-26 2015: April 20-26 October 19-25 About the High Point Market Authority: The High Point Market Authority is the official sponsor of the High Point Market: The World’s Home for Home Furnishings. Featuring more than 2600 exhibitors and attracting tens of thousands of visitors from more than 110 countries, the High Point Market is the driving force of the home furnishings industry.

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