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Daniel Lynch Sales Company Changes Name To The Lynch Sales Company

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The Daniel Lynch Sales Company, headquartered here, announced that it has officially changed its corporate name to the LYNCH SALES COMPANY and is introducing a new logo to commemorate the event. This is only the fourth time the company has updated its name and logo in its nearly 100 years and three generations of existence. “This is more than just a name change,” according to Jud Lynch, the company’s Co-CEO with his brother Chris. “While the name change is subtle, it reflects our continued commitment to the furniture industry and our clients, even as our business grows in diversity and sophistication.” The company, which started as the Joseph P. Lynch Sales Company in 1914, has been intimately involved in the retail furniture industry for three generations and is frequently credited with having invented the sales promotion business as we know it today. In 1945, the company became Lynch Brothers Sales Company as Joseph’s sons, Daniel and Phillip, took over the reigns. Then, in 1979, the name was changed to The Daniel Lynch Sales Company to reflect Philip’s departure and the entry of Daniel’s three sons; Dan Jr., Judson and Chris. Over the years, while the furniture industry has evolved in response to changing consumer tastes and economic factors, the Lynch Sales Company has remained focused on its core values: integrity, respect for its clients and their businesses, and achieving results for those clients. The effect is that the company has established an enviable reputation for delivering on its promise to help furniture retailers generate cash quickly in response to a wide variety of circumstances. While historically the company has been best known for orchestrating Sales in anticipation of a store’s closing, in recent years the Lynch Sales Company has shifted to working with furniture retailers interested in maximizing the potential of their current operations to better position themselves for growth. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, Lynch Sales Company frequently finds itself called upon to help its clients maintain growth and succeed. “Truth be known.” Chris Lynch, Co-CEO noted, “The high-end sector is going through some turbulent times. When many of the world’s more prominent furniture dealers want to build upon their success, they rely on the Lynch Sales Company. For while its true that we’re the industry leader when it comes to liquidation Sales, the majority of our Sale Events are conducted for those looking to increase their sales and profits by staying in business. In fact, we originated the entire concept of promotional Sales to generate cash, expand or change location, remodel stores or update inventory, all designed to make successful stores even more successful,” added Lynch. The Lynch Sales Company serves clients in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom from offices in Grand Rapids, Miami, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Ottawa, and Emsworth, Hampshire England.