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Furniture First Adds 9 New Members

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On April 26, 2007, the Furniture First Board of Directors approved 9 new members/stockholders: Michael Moss of Bear’s Furniture, located in Franklin, Pennsylvania; Craig Reis of Best Furniture, located in Fort Thomas, KY; David Capperella of Capperella Furniture located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania; Michael Davidson of Davidson’s Furniture, located in Hornell, New York; Randy Hansen of Hansen’s Furniture, located in Atwater, California; Patrick O’Connell of Henco, Furniture located in Selmer, Tennessee; Sam Jernigan III of Jernigan Furniture, located in Goldsboro, North Carolina; Joe Redeker of Redeker’s located in Boone, Iowa; and Paul Thompson of Susie’s Furniture, located in North Lewisburg, Ohio. The addition of these 9 members brings Furniture First up 135 stockholders with nearly 300 storefronts. The Furniture First membership executed another group purchase representing an import bedroom at the most recent Spring 2007 High Point Market. Although the membership has been purchasing containers for years, this time their purchase targeted one specific group from Samuel Lawrence Furniture (SLF). Initial flooring purchases from the membership have resulted in an opening order of 20 plus containers of this bedroom suite, with two-thirds of the membership having placed their order. Furniture First is a home furnishings & mattresses only buying cooperative representing independent furniture retailers from medium-low to medium-high end quality products across the United States. If you would like more information about the organization, please contact Tom Unger, Director of Membership, at 1-800-411-3477 ext. 132 or via email at TUnger@FurnitureFirst.com.