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Feng Shui Expert Offers Feng Shui Decorating Tips for Bedroom

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Editor's note: For a more complete treatment of Feng Shui and furniture, see Carol Hyder's excellent article posted to the furninfo.com website at the following link: http://www.furninfo.com/absolutenm/templates/Article_Retailing.asp?articleid=3806&zoneid=7 Sleep is vital to your health and determines how well you function in your day. From a feng shui perspective, your health centers in your bedroom. While consulting, feng shui expert Marina Lighthouse offers her clients hints and tips for better sleep and feng shui in the home. "This is an area where you spend a good part of your life, so make sure you have everything you need to induce good rest." If you suffer from sleep disorders such as anxiety and sleeplessness, you need to check your bed position. Where is it placed? According to the BTB school of feng shui, it is very important to have your bed in a commanding position. This is the position where one has the best unobstructed view of the main entrance while lying in bed. However, do not align your bed directly with the door. Having a headboard against the same wall as the main bedroom door can create health issues such as headaches, insomnia, problems with the nervous system and poor mental well being. This in turn can lead to a breakdown in all areas of life, i.e. career, finances, and relationships. The solution is to place a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the door. Lighthouse says to look at the feng shui and chi of what surrounds you from all directions, inside and outside. Are there sharp angles pointing at you? Correct them or they will affect you negatively. Soften interior angles with cloth or round faceted crystals. Exterior sharp angles, for example an angle coming from a neighbor's roof line, can be corrected with placement of a bagua mirror. Are you sleeping in high electromagnetic fields? This could ultimately affect your health. Robert McKusisck of Biomagnetic Research in Globe, Arizona has dedicated his life to creating specialized die-electric resonators to diffuse the EMF's (electromagnetic fields) in one's home. He also created EMF protection for cell phones. "Television screens radiate long after they have been turned off," says McKusisck. Keep the television out of the bedroom. An electric clock also radiates large EMF fields, so move it away from your night stand as the fields drop dramatically the farther you place it away from your body. Battery operated clocks do not have EMF fields, so they are a better choice. Subconscious and psychological factors can also affect your sleep. The bedroom is supposed to be a place of intimacy. It is a place to re-charge emotionally, spiritually and physically. For optimal rest, Lighthouse says there are many factors to be considered concerning feng shui for your bedroom: Who has slept in your bed? What are you sleeping over? Are you using the area under your bed for storage? Lighthouse recalls a Silicon Valley professional who was having trouble sleeping. During the consultation, Lighthouse recommended removing the stagnant boxes that had been stuffed under her client's bed for years. When the client opened a particular box, she was surprised to find it was full of photographs of a former partner. She had been sleeping over them for years! Had this been having a negative effect? After implemented a few of Lighthouse's feng shui sleep tips, her client immediately noticed a "shift" and began to sleep better. Within two weeks, a new partner appeared, and within three months they were off to Paris together... viva amore! Unpleasant memories may be attached to objects you have inadvertently placed around your room. Over time, these objects can drop your energy level like a ten ton weight, so remove them from your bedroom immediately. Better yet, remove them from your home. Positive, inspirational objects of color and beauty will lift your energy and improve your overall well being. Marina Lighthouse is a certified consultant, teacher, lecturer and expert of the BTB School of Feng Shui. She owns the successful consulting business 'Lighthouse Feng Shui ' in Los Altos, CA, the first all feng shui radio station www.radiofengshui.com, and the popular feng shui webstore www.FengShuiShopper.com.

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