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Zocalo Donates Furniture To Hit TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

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Zocalo® donated case goods and leather upholstery to ABC’s hit TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” which renovated an Oklahoma family’s entire home. The episode featured the Westbrook family, who were in need of a home renovation due to tragic circumstances. Gene, a father of three, was paralyzed because of injuries sustained in the Iraq War. Following Gene’s discharge from the Army, the Westbrook’s suffered a second tragedy, a car accident where Gene was left in a coma. In addition, James, the youngest of the family, was left paralyzed and Katie, the middle child, had damage to her right kidney and liver. Because of the adverse circumstances, the Westbrook’s were faced with additional challenges in their daily lives trying to accommodate themselves in their home. The Extreme Makeover team added wheelchair accessibility throughout the Westbrook’s home and an entirely new palate of color and modern style, highlighted by Zocalo’s Echo™, Madison™ and Metropolitan Leather™ Collections. The result was a functional, updated home that was recapped on a one-hour episode that aired April 22. “It’s hard to imagine how challenging daily life must have been for the Westbrook family prior to Extreme Makeover’s efforts,” Zocalo’s Director of Marketing Danny Olivas said. “I think it’s human nature to want to contribute as much as possible. We’re grateful that Zocalo had the opportunity to be part of the transition and we wish the Westbrook’s health and prosperity in the future.” ABOUT ZOCALO Zocalo® was founded in San Francisco over 11 years ago by Jeremy Sommer. The company is known for its commitment to offering remarkable furniture that is fashionable yet approachable, and well-crafted but affordable. Created by in-house designers Jorge Jaramillo and Margaret Leigh, Zocalo’s unique collections offer something for everyone. From the sleek, modern look of the Echo Collection to the ultra chic Metropolitan Leather™ Collection, Zocalo continues to ensure that behind every collection there is unsurpassed style and value. For more information about Zocalo, please visit www.zocalousa.com.

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