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High Point Pre-Market Date Revision

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The official dates for Pre-Market have been revised to Monday, August 20, 2007 through Tuesday, August 21, 2007. According to Brian D. Casey, CEM—spokesperson for the group of leading manufacturers working together to reinvent the concept of Pre-Market—the change has been made for operational considerations. “Specifically,” Casey related, “moving the event earlier in the week ensures the availability of a sufficient number of rooms in the hotel of choice. Additionally, the previously published dates intersected with those of the Tupelo Furniture Market. Although the group does not expect a great amount of overlap between attendees, shifting to Monday and Tuesday will give any retailers who do wish to attend both events sufficient time for travel.” Kevin O’Connor, president and chief executive of Samson Marketing, the U.S. holding company for Legacy Classic, Universal and Craftmaster Furniture, commenting on behalf of the organizing committee, noted: “Pre-Market has not been important for everyone, nor is it likely to be important for everyone in the future. However, for many of the Top 100 retailers throughout the U.S., it is critical to preview new case goods product from their key vendors. Seeing ‘Market-ready’ product from a majority of key vendors gives them a chance to comment on design changes and make early distribution commitments. “The retailers’ objectives are equally important to us as manufacturers,” O’Connor continued, “and in our opinion, holding this event in High Point is best for all parties concerned. High Point is best equipped to handle this kind of event and the subsequent changes which may evolve from the retailers’ input prior to the Fall Market some 40 days later. We are truly excited about what this event can mean to all of our businesses, and we look forward to both strengthening relationships with key customers and the position of the High Point Market.”